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The song To The End is believed to be based off the short story "A Rose For Emily".

You can read it here:

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What movie is your chemical romance in?

I don't know about Your Chemical Romance, but My Chemical Romance had a song in The "Watchmen"

Who sings the teenage song?

My CHemical Romance My CHemical Romance

Chemical Romance references what test in their song To The End?

There is no test referenced to in the My Chemical Romance song To The End.

When was the song famous last words created by your chemical romance?

First of all its MY Chemical Romance. Not your chemical romance. And i believe that it was in 2007 or something

When was Sing - My Chemical Romance song - created?

Sing - My Chemical Romance song - was created on 2010-11-03.

What is the meaning of the song romance by my chemical romance?

It's an instrumental and has no meaning.

Who originally sang the song the black parade besides chemical romance?

No one. My Chemical Romance created it.

What is famous for your chemical romance?

famouse last words is a song by an american band called my chemical romance

Who wrote the song to the end?

my chemical romance

Who sings the song sing?

My Chemical Romance

How long is the song 'I'm Not Okay' from My Chemical Romance?

The song I'm Not Okay by My Chemical Romance is 3:08 minutes long.

What song did Green Day and your Chemical Romance sing together?

itz not yur chemical romance you dumbo itz my chemical romance ! AKA MCR OR MY CHEM ! <3

Who sang the song sweetheart?

My Chemical Romance sand the song Sweetheart.

What song was playing before the song by chemical romance started?


What is the name of the your Chemical Romance song where the video shows them playing croquet?

I'm Not Okay (I Promise)also its MY Chemical Romance

What is a song by my chemical romance about a relatioship?

Demolition Lovers

What is chemical romance first song?

Skylines and turnstiles

Who wrote the song headfirst for halos?

My Chemical Romance :)

Where is this quote from drop the dagger and laugh at the blood on your hands?

It's from the song The Sharpest Lives by the band My Chemical Romance.No it is a William shaksphere quote and it is in a my chemical romance song but the song is called The end.

Where can one find the lyrics to the My Chemical Romance Song Helena?

One can find the lyrics to the song "My Chemical Romance Song, Helena" when one goes to the website of Metro Lyrics. One can purchase the music there and download it.

What is the first song on my chemical romance the black parade?

The End.

What is the name of the song that glee sang by your chemical romance?


What song did My Chemical Romance Sings at the VGAs?

planetary (Go!)

What song did your Chemical Romance Sings at the VGAs?

Planetary (GO!)

What is the easiest chemical romance song to learn?

Black Parade.. :)