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The yucca plant. There are different species, but most have flowers.

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Q: Local name of the New Mexico state flower?
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What is the name of New Mexico flower?

The yucca is the state flower of New Mexico.

What is New Mexico's state flower name?

Yucca flower, the blossom of the yucca plant.

What is New Mexico's nick name?

The nickname for the state of New Mexico is the Land of Enchantment. The capitol of the state is Santa Fe and the state flower is the Yucca.

What is the New Mexico bird name?

Roadrunner is the official state flower for New Mexico.

Name the state bird or motto or flower of New Mexico?

state bird -roadrunnerstate flower- yuccastate motto - "It grows as it goes"

What is the name of the local phenomenon in the state of Arizona?

Do you mean Menschein Museum in New Mexico

What is the name of mp state flower?

mp's state flower name is white lily

What is the name of the state of Alabama flower?

The state flower is a Camellia

What is the name of alask's state flower?

The Alaska state flower is the Forget Me Not.

What is the scientific name for California's state flower?

the scientific name for Californias state flower is Eschscholzia californica

What is the name of the Florida state flower?

The Florida state flower is the Orange Blossom

What is the name of Alaska state flower?

The state flower of Alaska is called the "Forget-Me-Not".

What is Washington state flower name?

Coast rhododendron is Washington's state flower

What is the New Mexico states flower name?


What is the name of the state flower in South Dakota?

South Dakota's official state flower is the American Pasque Flower.

What is Mississippi state flower name?

magnolia flower

What is the name of the Hawaii state flower?

Hawaii`s state flower is the Hawaiian Hibiscus.

What is Finland state flower name?

The Finland state flower is the European Lily of the Valley.

What is the name of the State in Mexico flooded in 2007?

Tabasco is the name of such state, bordering the Gulf of Mexico.

What is the local name of a Hibiscus flower?


What is local name of rose flower?


What is the name of the Virginia state flower and the Virginia state bird?

the state flower is the American dogwood and the state bird is the cardinal.

Which state on the gulf of Mexico has the longest name?

The U.S. state on the Gulf of Mexico with the longest name is Mississippi.

What is the name of the California flower?

The California poppy (Eschsholzia californica) is the state flower of the state of California.

What is the California state flower's name?

The California state flower is the California Poppy (Eschscholzia californica )