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On a 1994 3.5 engine, the plugs are at the bottom of deep wells. The spark plug cables enter the top of the engine with a rubber plug that conceals the hole. Pulling this plug out reveals a rubber stalk several inches long that snaps on to the top of the plug at the bottom of the hole. Use a spark plug socket with a rubber insert that catches the plug to remove the plugs. You can use a piece of hose to thread the new ones so you don't misalign the threads. Don't tighten the plugs too tight. Firm is good but don't crank them in with all your strength. Also--if you are replacing the cables you need to buy a set that fits the year, make, and engine of your car.


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It is important to know how the engine of a car works. In a car, the spark plug cables connect to the vehicles spark plugs.

number #1 spark plug is located (if u are looking under hood) right side first one closest to you. NOTE* TO REPLACE SPARK PLUGS ON A CHRYSLER 3.5 LITER V-6 YOU MUST ALSO REPLACE UPPER PLENTIUM GASKET!!!!

I think its a 94 , 4 cylinder.

Disconnect the battery of the car, remove the cables and boot covers, and remove the old spark plugs. Put in the new spark plugs, replace the cables and boot covers, and connect the battery.

The correct spark plug socket with a really long extension

Sometimes it is eassier to get to them from the bottom.

The recommended spark plug gap, for your 1994 Chevrolet engine, is .011. Most spark plugs will come from the store pre-gapped.

yes take it to auto zone to get the gap peice and specs

According to , a 1994 F-150 , 5.0 L - V8 engine spark plugs are gapped at ( .054 inch )

remove the center cover on the engine,two cross head screws this will give you access to the leads and plugs

to change the plugs you must take off the spark plug then take the spark plugs out with a 5/8 sparkplug socket..put the new plugs in the holes and finger tighten them a little(with the socket and extension so that it doesnt cross thread)it might also be wise to replace the wires if they look bad or cracked..

check your distributor ignition module and go test it...

You need to unbolt the metal casement, that will say 'quad.." then lift up and remove spark plugs. If you have already gotten this far, then you probably don't need any more advice. We are trying to replace plugs on a 94. and Can't get it to start again.

The two dog bones on top of the motorare takin loose and you can tilt the motor forward

I had the garage do it, because reaching for one of the 6 plugs, you need to lift the passenger side front wheel of the ground and take the tire of to reach that one spark plug. Well, if you can, you should have no problem if you have the parts and tools...

You can get them from any auto parts store, just need to give them the yr/make/and engine. They are screwed into the head.

Several things could cause a no spark situation on an engine. A bad coil, bad spark plug or coil wire, bad spark plugs, or a bad distributor could all cause this.

That vehicle is throttle body injection, it's possible but doubtful. I would suspect the spark plugs, spark plug wires or cap and rotor are faulty.

how do you install a crankshaft sensor on a 94 Chrysler lhs....where is it located on a 94 Chrysler lhs???????????????????

I'm just now learning about spark plugs, but I read that the ignition system may not recognize the voltage used in the iridium plugs. They require less voltage than platinum to start the engine. The iridiums have a smaller tip, requiring less voltage. The ignition system just doesn't recognize the voltage probably.

GOOD ANSWER ALSO BE SURE YOU USE A DEEP SOCKET, I HAVE USED A SHORT ONE AND CRACKED THE SPARK PLUG INSULATOR MORE THAN A COUPLE OF TIMES. THEMPLE i have a '94 corsica, and i changed the back plugs using a ratchet, spark plug socket, and a swivel. i could reach 2 of the plugs from the drivers side and the last one from the passenger side. hope this helps.

All freeze plugs for engines are below the spark plug side of the engine. They are small round plugs that will pop out if engine freezes in the winter time. This will cause water leaks if they go bad anytime.

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