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Q: Location of vin numbers on 1952 Chevy pickup?
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Will a 1952 Chevy body fit on a 1968 Chevy pickup frame?

Not without major fabrication.

When was James Pickup born?

James Pickup was born in 1952.

Can a 460 Ford big block fit in a 1952 Chevy 3100 pickup truck?

Yes, but I would use the C6 tranny too.

What year late model Chevy truck frame will a 1952 Chevy 3100 body fit?

I bought a 52 Chevy pickup myself to restore , the seller is a old vehicle restorer , he told me from1976 to 1987 Chevy truck frames would be the best fit .

What is the curb weight of a 1952 ford pickup?

A 1952 Ford F1 Pickup with a short bed and a V8 engine weighs about 3550 pounds without a driver

Is 12 mpg normal gas mileage for a 1952 Dodge half-ton pickup?

I have a 1952 restored 1/2 ton pickup 12 is about the average.

In 1952 what was the designation or code letter on a Georgia license plate for a pickup truck?

In 1952, the designation or code letter on a Georgia license plate for a pickup truck was A/p.

Where do you find the serial number on a 1952 pickup?

try in the glove compartment

Where is 1952 ford pickup used in Sanford and son tv series now? has a 1951 mercury pickup claimed to be it.

How do you install a steering stabilizer own your Chevy truck?

1952 chevy truck does not have a steering damper, where and how to mount steering damper on my 1952 chevy truck .thanks jim

Where can one find parts for a 1952 Chevy?

You can find parts for a 1952 Chevy online at the Auto Parts Network website. Alternatively, you can also purchase these Chevy parts from auction websites such as eBay.

Where was the original location of the generator on a 1952 Chevy truck with a six cylinder?

Drivers side of engine, up front, belt driven, along with the water pump from the crank pulley.

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