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how do i find a epic poem because i cant find one

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Q: Looking for epic poems for middle school.?
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What were traditional epic poems often set in?

Traditional epic poems were often set in the past. The poems could take place in any nation or world. Epic poems often features heroes.

Are epic poems also narrative poems?

They can be considered narrative poems.

The word epic hero in a sentence?

There are epic heroes in epic poems such as the Odyssey

What is the genre of poems?

What is the poem? There are many genres of poems such as Ballad, Sonnet or epic.

What do you call long poems such as Homers The Iliad and the odyssey?

"Epic Poems" .

Why are The Iliad and The Odyssey historical documents?

These two epic poems are among the first epic poems recorded which have survived to modern day.

How many stanzas are in epic poems?

There are no limits or a maximum to the number of stanzas within an epic poems. Epic poems can be relatively short, or they can span a hundred or so pages (like Beowulf).

Which did William Shakespeare not wirte?

Epic poems

Is The Odyssey underlined or in quotes?

The Odyssey and Iliad are both epic poems. While short poems are quoted in writing, epic poems are underlined do to their length.

The epic poets of Greece probably?

apex : recited their epic poems in a strong rhythm.

What are some poems for sumerian society?

The Epic of Gilgamesh

Do epic poems have rhythm?

Some do while others do not