Looking for senior air tickets

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Look for great travel deals on websites such as and Most travel websites offer senior discount so you can get a great deal on airfare to Boston.

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Q: Looking for senior air tickets
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Is there any special price for air ticket for elderly?

Yes senior citizens of 60 years and above get their tickets at a reduced rates.

How much are tickets at Regal Montrose Movies 12?

Adult tickets are $9.50 Senior tickets are $7.00 Child tickets are $7.50

Is there a discount on air flights for senior citizens?

There are lots of websites that can link you to discounted airplane tickets as a senior. Try,, and first. is another ticket sales site.

Where can I find senior air tickets for cheap?

Many travel agencies offer discount travel for seniors. For some online examples you can visit or

What are some discounts I can receive on tickets as a senior citizen?

You can get tickets on Expedia and Travelocity if I remember correctly. Also you should be able to qualify for some of the awesome senior discounts for you.

How much money does one ticket at amc lennox town center 24 cost?

If you buy online the adult tickets are $7, the kid tickets are $6, and the senior tickets are $5. If you buy at the theater the adult tickets are $6, the kid tickets are $5, and the senior tickets are $5. So, if you're planning on going to the movies, you should buy your tickets at the theater.

Can I buy air tickets?

Depending on your age, you can buy air tickets. To buy air tickets, you have to be at least 18 years old.

How do I get senior railcard discounts?

Yes, they both do. You will have to tell them you are a senior when calling to buy your tickets. They will tell you how much of a discount you will get.

How much are the kings dominion tickets?

Kings Dominion tickets are $61.99 (unless you are a junior or a senior, in which case, they are $39.99).

How can you get tickets?

You can buy tickets from several sources depending on which is carrying the tickets for the event you are looking for. There are online ticket brokers who sell tickets for the concert, sports or theater events you are looking for.

The university sold 556 tickets for a play tickets cost 22 dollars per adult and 12 dollars per senior citizen if the total were 8492 dollars how many senior citizen tickets?

(22*182)+(12*374) = 8492$

Do any New York City hotels offer senior discounts?

No New York City hotels offer senior discounts. You can try booking a combination reservation online through a portal that provides senior discounts on package deals (such as rental cars or air plane tickets).

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