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If you are loving someone who doesn't love you back, you need to get out of the relationship and look for someone who will love you.

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Q: Loving someone who doesn't love you back. What do you do?
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Related questions

What are some got songs to describe loving someone who doesnt love you back?

A good song is Like A Boy by Ciara.

What does amarte duele mean in English?

it mean loving you hurts. as in if you love someone but that person doesnt love you back . that's what amarte duele means in English.

What are some alternative rock or rock songs about loving someone that doesnt love you back?

Um like Sandman. I love you soooo much i cant take my eyes off of you

Anyone know any songs about loving someone who doesn't love you back?

"The Way I Feel" by Bestfriends is a song about loving someone who doesn't love you back

Whats The Point Of Loving Someone If They Don't Love You Back?

=There is no point of loving someone and they dont love u back. For all of that u should find someone that can replace the one that didnt love you, but even more.... Think about it.==There is no point of loving someone and they dont love u back. For all of that u should find someone that can replace the one that didnt love you, but even more.... Think about it.=

What is the meaning of love is not love which alters when it alteration finds?

It means that if you really love someone, you do not stop because their love for you changes. If you do stop loving someone who stops loving you back, then your love is not really love.

What does unrequited love mean?

It means loving someone who doesn't love you back.

What is unrelinquished love?

Unrelinguished love is when you love someone with all you heart and soul,yet that person is not loving you back. That person is so afraid of loving someone they make their hearts like stone to not let your love in.

What is the song grenade about?

Its about loving someone who doesn't love you back.

What should be learned from loving?

you should learn that when you love someone, you have to wait for them to love you back.

What do you do when the girl you love kisses someone else?

she doesnt love you back!! get over it!

Is it better to love or be loved?

it is way better to be loved therefor someone actually loves you and not like love you are just loving that person but maybe that person doesnt love you.

Why does love have to be so hard?

Because loving someone who doesn't love you back absoulutely murders you inside.

Is it wrong to love someone who doesnt love you back?

It's normal. But no... it is not wrong at all.

What do you do when you love a guy who doesn't love you back?

Get over him and move on. Sorry but loving someone without the love returned is irrational..

Why does the guy you are in love with not love you back?

Love is a very complicated issue in human nature. Loving someone unfortunately doesn't mean they will love you back, so maybe talking with them about it may help. :-)

What do you do when you love someone and they hate you?

you can't force them to love you back.. you can only love them in a distance. if you do, you will be doing him/her a favor, but it will be very difficult in your part... that's loving:((

What is the difference between Patient loving and loving patience?

The difference between patient loving and loving patience is that one of them is dealing with love, and the other is with patience. Patient loving means that someone is slow and patient in the way that they fall in love with someone, and loving patience means that someone has a love of patience, and likes being patient with people.

How do you stop loving someone if your hurting someone else by doing so?

Love is a precious thing, if you have found it with someone and that person loves you back...don't let anyone get in between you. If love is ment to be, it will be.

Your friend having boyfriend but you are also loving herhow can you react to this whether she is loving you r not as a friend are boyfriend?

yes, we know you love her. but,she will not look for someone if she loves u,, maybe she doesnt love you but! try to feel that u love her mlay mo magdalawang isip dba?? hehehe thanx welcome!

Article on give love to get love?

in the law of karma you get back what you put out so be loving, give love, have loving thoughts become love.. love will come back to you

Should you tell a girl you love her?

I think Yes. If you don't its hard for her to know if you like her back . You can take a risk or you can not but i hate loving someone if you dont know if they love you back

What is painful love?

Painful love is loving someone, even though you know they'll never love you back. Painful love is being able to not hate someone who is leaving you. Painful love is a mark of someone who has the strength not to be suicidal.

Possible to love but not in love?

Yes, being in love is different from loving someone. being in love is when you only love that person & loving someone is when you love them but not that much. you still have dough's.

Can you stop yourself from loving someone?

I think the best you can do is try to stop if it isn't right. Loving someone is an amazing feeling. It can inspire you, it can fill you with life, but it can also hurt you. If for some reason your better judgment is telling you to stop, you can always try to distract yourself from seeing or thinking of this person. But if you really ggenuinely love them, this will be difficult to do. Sometimes we fall in love with people and regardless of the circumstances, we simply can't take it back. Not everyone we love will love us back or love us in the way that we love them. So sometimes we have to be stronger than our feelings and resort to using our minds. If loving someone is not right, you need to remind yourself of that every day until it sticks. Eventually, you will meet someone else worth loving and you will be happy again!