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A lump on your shoulder that feels like muscle may be a muscle knot. This might be as a result of strain or injury to the shoulder muscle.

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Q: Lump on your shoulder that feels like muscle?
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If the lump is hard and feels like a rounded ridge over the back near the front legs, these are the edges of the shoulder blades. Other than this, I would suspect infection or tumor, which would need to be evaluated by a veterinarian.

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See a doctor. How can we check something like this online?

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What could Hard lump behind you jaw line and under your ear feels like its on my neck muscle be?

I have the same thing....My neck muscle is very painful right maybe I tore it. Im going to the doctor today hopefully. I fell down the stairs recently i think this brought it on because I no trouble before hand.

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When you squat you felt like there is a golf ball sized lump in your hamstring that is painful What is up?

If this lump showed up all of a sudden during vigorous activities like sports, you have likely strained a muscle. A strained muscle by definition is microscopic tears in the muscle tissue. These are graded I, II, III, or IV. Grade I is minor and with a little rest will heal on its own in a week or two. Grade II is a little more torn tissue, with more pain, requiring at least two weeks of resting, icing, and gentle stretching to heal. A lump in the muscle can appear as a secondary muscle spasm. Grade III is a large amount of the muscle torn. It is very painful even, at rest, and usually develops a lump or dent in the muscle body from the torn tissue. Grade IV is a complete muscle tear which oddly, after it tears usually is not painful. There is always a definite lump of muscle near its attachment because it is no longer held at both ends of the muscle. Depending on which muscle is torn, it is often aided to heal but not surgically repaired. I almost forgot..... If the lump came about over a longer period of time, like weeks or months, have it checked by a doctor.

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Deltoid (delta = triangle + -oid = looks like/resembles) The deltoid muscle is a triangular shaped muscle of the upper arm. It is also known as the common shoulder muscle.

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