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A scratch?

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2009-09-15 16:52:59
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Q: What could a raised scratchlike line be on the back of your shoulder that does not itch but feels like a scratch?
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How do you use scratch as a verb in a sentence?

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Felt a pop in your shoulder now have shoulder pain and pain radiating down your are what could this be?

Dislocated Shoulder

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it could

What does it mean if a cat scratch turns yellow?

The cat scratch could be infected if the scratch is turning yellow. You will need to visit your doctor as soon as possible to be treated.

What happens if a shoulder labrum tear is not repaired?

You'll have pain when moving your shoulder. The injury could worsen and nerve damage could be possible.

Your son has had a fall and banged his shoulder and his arm now hes getting pins and needles?

There are 2 different things that could be happening if your son is feeling pins and needles after hitting his shoulder. He could have a dislocated shoulder or he may have a pinched nerve in his shoulder or neck.

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