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Q: MITCRSEOI RISEEXEC muscles working against a stationary object or body part?
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Which is best for your calf muscles, the stationary bike or jogging continuously?

The stationary bike is great for your calf muscles and it would be best because it tends to focus more on your calf muscles. For jogging continuously, it helps keep your whole body fit. Both are great for you though!

What are some benefits of having stationary bikes?

Some benefits that come from having stationary bikes, is good health, because it promotes exercise. Another benefit that it includes is it works your muscles, and you are able to choose what difficulty level you want it to be at

How can i reduce your muscle rupture as you work on a stationary job with repetitive actions all day?

Periodic rest and relaxation for the muscles involved in repetitive action.

What provides levers against which muscles pull in the vertebral column?

The skeletal system is the anchor and lever system that the muscles pull against to cause locomotion.spinous process and transverse processThe bones are the leavers against which the muscles pull.In reference to the axial skeleton, the spinous process and the transverse process are the leavers against which the muscles pull.Superior articular process

What is resistance in exercise?

It is the force (weight) against which the muscles work.

What functions as a watery skeleton against which muscles can work?


Name of the antigravity muscles in human body?

There aren't any antigravity muscles in the human body. But as long as you're upright there are plenty of muscles that are working against gravity.

Connection of muscles to the bone that moves?

tendons Actually that's wrong. Tendons are CONNECTIVE TISSUE that BINDS muscles to bones.. The answer your looking for is actually "Insertion" Or "Insertion Of a Muscle". Also The connection of muscle to a STATIONARY bone is "Origin" Or "Origin Of a Muscle.

Provides levers for the muscles to pull against?

superior articular process

Provide levers against wich muscles pull?

That would be bones.

Exercise that causes the muscles to push against a force heavier than they normally push against can develop what?

Flexibility ??

Do invertebrates without bones have something rigid for their muscles to pull against?

Many invertebrates have shells or exoskeletons which can be used to anchor muscles.