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The type of resistance training that involves muscles to move against resistance through an entire range of motion is called Isokinetic exercise.

Here's the definition from the Glencoe Health Book:

Isokinetic exercise- activity that involves resistance through an entire range of motion.

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Q: Which type of resistance training requires muscles to move against resistance through an entire range of motion?
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Why is stretching different from lifting weights?

Because lifting weights requires actual weights it puts resistance on the muscles to make them stronger bigger and more durable unlike stretching, these two are completely different from each other.

What are some common uses of rainbow light?

Rainbow light is a weight training supplement that aids in the strengthening of muscles. It can also be used as a prenatal supplement for women who are pregnant.

Vibration Machine?

Vibration Machine ReviewExercise is vital to good health and many new innovations in exercise machines are constantly coming out to work out the body in limited time periods that many individuals face. A new machine designed to work out the body was created by the FBE Spa in Los Angeles, California that makes use of vibration to help work out the body.The way the machine works is by vibrating the whole body. Individuals stand on the machine with the feet slightly apart for good balance. When the machine is turned on, the vibrations begin at the feet in a fast tempo that causes the body to involuntarily contract the muscles as a means of staying upright and properly balanced.The vibration at the feet that shakes the whole body acts as resistance training, making it easier to build muscle without the complications of proper form and heavy weights used in traditional exercises. Instead, it activates natural muscle reactions while standing on the machine and forces resistance training without further equipment.As the muscles contract, it burns calories and builds up the muscles at a rate that is equivalent to one hour of running with ten minutes on the machine. This helps cut back exercise times and effectiveness when turned on at 30 hertz because the muscles contract 30 times per minute, which is more than they do while running.

Why do skeletal muscles need a rich vascular supply?

Blood brings oxygen and ATP, which react with one another (oxidation), to the muscle cells. The result of this oxidation process (aerobic) is energy and heat. (Most of the body's heat originates from muscle activity.) Skeletal muscles will not contract unless stimulated by neurons.

What energy transformation happens when a person lifts a chair?

You are using chemical energy produced in your muscles to lift a weight against gravity, which means the weight gains gravitational potential energy

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Where can I find more information about resistance training exercise?

Resistance training is a kind of strength training in which each effort is performed against an opposing force generated by resistance. Resistance exercises develop the strength and size of skeletal muscles. Resistance training can improve overall health and well-being.

Skeletal muscles can be strengthened by doing?

by doing resistance training with weights

What is resistance in exercise?

It is the force (weight) against which the muscles work.

How does resistance training work?

Resistance training works by inducing muscle contraction. Doing this helps build muscles and strength. That is because muscle contraction generates tension on the muscle and forces it to move.

what is resistance training and its purpose?

Resistance training is using light weights to build muscles. A good cardio and training program would incorporate weights, muscle burns more than fat and tones better than cardio.


The best thing to do is focus on strength training and do it on a regular basis. This type of training is resistance your muscles work against gravity. You can either choose to lift weights, jog, to do aerobics, or, in sports such as soccer, tennis and basketball.

What type of exercise is not closely related to resistance training?


What does static physical demand of the heart involve?

Static demand involves smaller groups of muscles under extreme resistance for brief period. An example is weight lifting. Dynamic training involves larger groups of muscles at lower resistance for extended periods of time. Examples are aerobic training

Which of the following can refer to the form of exercise that uses free weights, weight machines, resistance bands, or the weight of the body to put stress on the muscles?

Strength training B. Weight training C. Resistance training D. All of the above.all of the aboveall of the above

What's involved with football speed training?

Speed training can be challenging, but it can also be fun. It involves building the muscles through such activities as squats, leg curls, and resistance running.

What is resistance when lifting weight?

Resistance is the amount of contrary force against which your muscles must work in order to complete a movement. Most often, these are the weights being lifted or resistance bands being stretched.

Can you grow muscles with dumbells?

Yes, it is possible to build muscle with dumbbells. Dumbbells are considered a "resistance" training method and help build muscle substantially.