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== Answer The shot can take 12-18 months to fully get out of your system and until then your body can be having withdrawls from the shot and that is why you feel pregnant. I had the same problems when i got off depo, after an ultrasound they finally saw my ovaries were covered with cysts that can be very common after the shot and it makes you not ovulate and if you don't ovulate you wont get your period. You can go see your doctor and see if they can do an ultrasound and if you have cysts, they can give you a hormone pill to jump start your period, and you may have to go on birth control pills for a few months to regulate your cycle, and help you get the cysts dissolved.

2007-01-20 02:44:12
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Are fatigue bloating and frequent urination symptoms of pregnancy?

Possibly but not necessarily.

What can cause a negative pregnancy test if you have symptoms of pregnancy?

Symptoms of pregnancy are a positive pregnancy test and missing period. If you have other symptoms, see your health care provider.

Can you get negative Test and have pregnancy symptoms?

im only 5 weeks pregnant and I had pregnancy symptoms before i was even far along enough to get a positive pregnancy test such as minor heartburns, horrible breast pain and nipples sore and itchy. And minor stomach cramps and nausea.

What month of pregnancy could possible the pregnancy symptoms starts?

well pregnancy symptoms can start prior to period. 1week before your period symptoms may be seen. fatigue,nausea,frequent urination are the signs you can notice.

What are signs and symptoms of pregnancy?

In addition to a missed period, the earliest symptoms of pregnancy might include nausea with or without vomiting, increased urination, and food aversions or cravings.

Are an absent period and being hungry and tired along with increased urination and bowel movements all considered symptoms of pregnancy?

Hi, Yes these are pregnancy symptoms but there also symptoms of a tummy upset. If your period is late, do a pregnancy test to find out for sure.

Can you have a negative test and still have symptoms of pregnancy?


What are the symptoms of first trimester pregnancy?

Symptoms of the first trimester of pregnancy are typically nausea, breast tenderness, increased urination, dizziness, tiredness, heartburn and constipation. Other symptoms may occur but those are the most common ones.

Can you be pregnant and not have frequent urination?

Yes. All women are different and can experience some, none or all of the common pregnancy symptoms. Frequent urination is one of the less common symptoms in early pregnancy and mainly occurs towards the end when the baby can sit on or kick your bladder because he/she is bigger

What are the side affects of pregnancy?

Some symptoms of pregnancy are: # missed period # swollen/tender breasts # changes in breast color # frequent urination # fatigue

What does it mean when you have nausea frequent urination and breast tenderness?

These are pregnancy symptoms. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period. They can also be signs that your period is coming

Can you have all the symptoms of pregnancy but still test negative?


How early can symptoms start with a second pregnancy?

Every pregnancy is different.You may start having a few symptoms (i.e. breast tenderness,possibly frequent urination) as early as 2 weeks into the pregnancy or symptoms might show up much later.Some women experience little or no symptoms at all.

What are symptoms of tubal pregnancy?

Sudden loss of pregnancy symptoms, abdominal pain, back and/or shoulder pain, cramping, bleeding, pregnancy tests going from positive to negative.

Pregnancy symptoms but negative test?

You might have hysterical pregnancy or the test results might be incorrect.

Can a pregnancy test that comes back negative be wrong if you are still having symptoms of pregnancy?


If you had many symptoms of pregnancy including a missed period last month but negative test then this month you had cramping and then you started and still have symptoms can you still be pregnant?

If you had many symptoms of pregnancy including a missed period last month but negative pregnancy test then this month you had cramping and then you started and still have symptoms can you still be pregnant?

What is a phantom pregnancy and its symptoms?

A phantom pregnancy is when a woman thinks she is pregnant, though all tests are negative and possess all pregnancy symptoms ( swollen/tender breasts, frequent urination, weight gain, nausea, etc.). Basically they full their body into thinking it is pregnant. Some women will have a phantom pregnancy for up to seven months and even admit to feeling the "baby" kick, even though nothing is really there.

What are some of the symptoms of pregnancy?

I heard that a few pounds may be gained, morning sickness, sensitivity in the breasts, frequent urination.

You have all the pregnancy symptoms and no period but the home pregnancy test was negative Could I be pregnant?

Well, since you have had ALL the pregnancy symptoms and no period, you could be pregnant! But since your home pregnancy test was negative you couldn't be pregnant. You may want to go to your doctor and ask him if you are pregnant.

If your period is late and a urine test was negative would you have any pregnancy symptoms if you have low hemoglobin?

Being anemic would make no difference to either pregnancy tests or pregnancy symptoms.

Symptoms of urinary tract infection during pregnancy?

Symptoms of urinary tract infection during pregnancy include cloudy or smelly urination, the feeling of needing to urinate, pain during intercourse, pain during urination or pain in the bladder area. Once bacteria has spread with an urinary tract infection, back pain, nausea or vomiting may also be apart of the symptoms.

If you take a pregnancy test and it comes out negative but you the pregnancy symptoms Could you be pregnant?

You could by a small chance, but, you might also imagine the symptoms (phantom pregnancy). Or your pregnancy is too small at the moment. Try testing again in a week or two (when your period hasn't started). If still negative and you got the symptoms and no period then go see a doctor.

What if my pregnancy test was negative but I have pregnancy symptoms?

Wait a few days and take another test. It's possible you got a false negative, or you just don't have enough of the pregnancy hormone in your urine to show up positive. The hormone doubles each day, so if you are still experiencing pregnancy symptoms in 5-10 days, take another test. If it's still negative and you are experiencing pregnancy symptoms, seek medical advice.

How likely is it that a pregnancy test is wrong showing symptoms no period negative test?

Most pregnancy tests are 99%