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She can buy 8 tickets.

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2022-04-10 22:17:31
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Paul Ajalam

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2022-04-10 22:58:04

She can buy 8 tickets

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Q: Mai ha $36 to spend on movie tickets. Each movie ticket cost $4.50 how many tickets can she buy?
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You are going to see a movie with a friend You buy 2 movie tickets Each movie ticket costs 7 You also buy a popcorn for 4 How much money will you spend in all?


The movie charges 4.00 for each child ticket and 7.00 for each adult ticket the Art Calub purchased a total of 20 tickets and spent 101.00 How many of each type of ticket did the club buy?

7 Adult tickets 13 Child tickets

How much are The Hunger Games tickets each?

If your asking how much they cost in the movie theater, it would cost the amount any movie ticket would cost.

If movie tickets cost 9.80 each how much for 7 movie tickets?


If you have four movie tickets and that cost 26 dollars how much dose 7 tickets cost?

26 ÷ 4 = 6.5So each ticket costs 6.5Therefore. 6.5 x 7 = 45.5

If you have 30 for lunch tickets and each lunch ticket is 2.50 then how much is one lunch ticket?


How many different ways can 4 winning tickets be selected from 20 tickets if each ticket wins a different prize?

Since each ticket wins, the question is equivalent to the number of ways of selecting 4 tickets out of 20. This is 4845.

How do you get lottery stars on howrse?

You have to buy a lottery ticket and get lucky. You can by as many lottery tickets as you want but the price triples for each ticket. 1 lottery ticket is $100 2 lottery tickets is $300 3 lottery tickets is$900 Etc.

Eight tickets cost 96 how much does 3 tickets cost?

If the cost of eight tickets is $96 then 3 tickets would be $36. Each ticket is $12.

A charity sells tickets for a fund raising dinner Each adult's ticket costs 10 and each child's ticket costs 5 A total of 1050 was raised by selling 130 tickets How many adult and child tickets?

10 adults & 10 children's

How much are arsneal tickets?

one ticket can cost up to 100 pounds and a season ticket up to 3000 pounds each.

Do season ticket holders get super bowl tickets?

Yes, but not all do, each team gets 17% of tickets Which they distribute between players, front office/owner & families & then ticket holders

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