Make a new court date

Updated: 12/9/2022
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Your attorney can file a motion for a new date, or you can appear in court yourself and request one. If you have missed a court date and have a warrant issued, you can turn yourself in and ask the arraignment Judge for a new date.

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Q: Make a new court date
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Served with child custody papers set date notice of continuance new date what does this mean?

It means that the court has rescheduled the date for the child custody hearing. The notice of continuance is informing you of the new date that has been set. Make sure to attend the hearing on the new date as scheduled.

How to do a redo in court-?

To have a new court date for an old case, you will need to consult an attorney. The attorney can file a motion for a new trial.

Where can I find a sample letter to Hawaii Administrative Judge requesting a new court date?

no where. its impossible

What if a father agrees to pay child support outside of court?

DON'T DO THAT! Get a court order with a definite termination date and make your payments to the court or to the State disbursement agency.

Can the police check and see if you have insurance?

In most states when a person is stopped by police and proof of insurance is not provided, they will receive a ticket with a date to appear in court to prove they were insured according to state law on the date they were given the ticket. If they do not appear on the court date or make other arrangements with the court, they may be charged with contempt of court and other applicable violations.

Is a court bound to apply a new law to a pending case before the effective date?

They cannot. A law is not a law until the date it goes into effect.

How do you expunge a failure to appear in Georgia?

Failure to appear is not a charge and cannot be expunged. If you have an FTA, you contact the court issuing it, and make arrangements to get a new court date or have the file closed out. They are typically issued on traffic citations, and you need only appear and pay them off.

Can you leave the state of new south wales if you have pending court matters in?

If they have told you, you are not to leave then no. If they haven't and you have every intention of appearing in court on the set date then yes.

If there is a bench warrant out for someone arrest for missing court what should they do?

turn yourself in and just say you need to take care of buisness. Go to the city ( you have a warrant at and go to the clerks office and make a new court date. If you have a bench warrant witch you probably do they should recall the warrant then or they will take you in to custody right there and then. You might want to call the clerks office before you go down their. Some city's will let a friend go down and make a court date.

What was the date of the Strader vs Graham court case?

Date of the Strader vs Graham court case was in 1850. Date of the Strader vs Graham court case was in 1850.

How can find future courts dates?

Call or visit the Clerk of the Court's office and ask for a particular judge's docket or calender. It would help if you have the name of the case. my court date was oct 30th.court was closed due to bad weather.hw do i find out my new date in staten criminal court?

What is the new court date of Sunset Station Hotel and Casion v William Polidoro?