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Join the youth group, sit by the people you are hoping to make friends with, compliment them, invite them to your house for something you both hve similar interests in, like watching a harry potter series, or if you both love to gush about monster cookies, than invite them over for a bake-a-thon of those cookies! Have fun with it also, dont backstab or lie to them and you will easily make good friends:D

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What song would you sing to a minister who is leaving for a new church?

friends are friends forever

I m share ideas with you n make new best friends?

hi........ i make a new best friends to u hi........ i make new best friends to u if possible yes / no

What to do if you need to change to make friends happy?

get new friends. real friends don't make you do anything

What might a new child in town do to make friends?

There are tons of ways to make new friends just try to be nice to everyone

How can you make more friends?

Try your local church. They are open every Sunday.

Where is the Friends Of Historic St Peters Church in Spencertown New York located?

The address of the Friends Of Historic St Peters Church is: Po Box 278, Spencertown, NY 12165

Where is the Friends Of The Old Clove Church Inc in Wantage New Jersey located?

The address of the Friends Of The Old Clove Church Inc is: 934 Route 23, Wantage, NJ 07461-3319

What do you do when your friends are always leaving you out of things?

Try and stay friends with them, but make new/more friends.

How can you make new friends but keep your old friends?

When you're going to meet your new friends take your old friends with you?Simply talk to new people and hang with them, but don't ignore your old friends.You should make new friends and keep the old because your old friends you can trust because they have been your friends longer and if your new friends don't like the old friend tell them that they have to deal with it just say 'Big woop'.

What do you do to make lots of new friends by dressing?


What to say people who likes to make new friends in one word?

Extrovert are the people who can talk to strangers. They can easily make new and fast friends.

What to do if your friends are not at school?

Make new friends or find someone you dont talk to

Is is more important to keep your old friends than it is to make new friends?

If you are very close to your good friends then you should never turn your back on them to make new friends. Even though individuals have old friends there is no reason they cannot make new friends and every once in awhile introduce the old with the new.If you only have one good friend keep them as a good friend but get more friends. You might have to keep your close friend as your closest!

How can you make friends real quick?

Your best bet is to try online friend is like online dating...only for friends. They match you with friends that share your interests. It is a great way to make new friends and actually meet new friends.

Why are church important in the christen religion?

Fellowship with Christians, more mature Christians can guide new Christians in a good direction, people can make friends with Christians who are into wholesome activities.

Do you hate your best mates?

you should just tell them that yo want 2 make new friends or ignore them and make new friends that's what i did and it worked!!!

Where can you make new friends online?

hi friends wanna make new friend and want to be part of interesting discussion its interesting.

How has Winn-Dixie helped Opal make new friends?

Winn Dixie, ran a lot, he ran into places where opal can make new friends,

When was Maple Grove Friends Church created?

Maple Grove Friends Church was created in 1863.

When was Clinton Corners Friends Church created?

Clinton Corners Friends Church was created in 1890.

Why did settlers settle in the new world?

Well for one, they were going to the new world to escape the Roman Catholic Church and make their own church.

Why do you need to practice commitment?

to make new friends

Why are you hesitant to make new friends?

'hesitant' not at all.....

What can one do when her school friends are separated from her and they make new friends in the college and ignore her?

They obviously don't believe you are friends much any more. Go out and make new friends of your own. answer from pleaseandthankyou: I kind of agree :/ I hate to be a pessimist, but it's kind of true. Just know that ignoring someone is different than just simply growing apart. Try to make some new friends - don't assume they'll be awesome right away though. IT TAKES TIME TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS, it takes even longer to make best friends. trust me, I'm in the same boat.

What does make new friends but keep the old mean?

get new and keep the old

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