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Q: Male to female reincarnation
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Female angel reincarnate to male body?

For people who believe in reincarnation, a soul may be reborn in a male or female body. Angels are spirits and are not reincarnated.

What is the answers for ecce Romani 1 chapter 6 exercise 6b?

Female female male male female Male male male female Male male female

What is a better bird to have a male or female?

if you are a male, get a male. if you are a female, then get a female.

Is a boy a male or a female?


What is a male female worker What is a male female pen?


Is a nephew male or female?

Male niece is female

Can a male give a female trichomoniasis?

Yes it is passed from male to female and female to male.

What does male and female produce?

Male or female

What are male and female lions called when they are babies?

Lion: cubs (for both male and female)Tiger: cubs (for both male and female)Lion: cubs (for both male and female)Tiger: cubs (for both male and female)Lion: cubs (for both male and female)Tiger: cubs (for both male and female)Lion: cubs (for both male and female)Tiger: cubs (for both male and female)Lion: cubs (for both male and female)Tiger: cubs (for both male and female)Lion: cubs (for both male and female)Tiger: cubs (for both male and female)

What is the difference between male and female writers?

Male writers are male, and female writers are female.

Why a child born becomes gay?

sexuality is not binary (male/female) it is a wide continuous spectrum from male (psyche) with male parts (anatomy) over male with female parts to female with male parts and female with female parts and even male & female psyches with male and female anatomy!

Is Bacardi logo bat a male or female?


Goose is male or female?

A goose is female, a gander is a male.

Can i put the male with the female if she is pregnant?

male and female what?

Is the petal female or male?

Petals are not male or female.

Is Allah a male or female?

Allah is male and female.

Are artisans male or female?

they were both male and female

Can a male get herpes from a female?

A male can get herpes from a female.

Is duck a female or a male?

Both male, and female.

Are transexuals considered men?

A Transexual male to female is considered a female and a female to male is considered a male.

What aree the trait of every starter Pokemon in Pokemon mystery dungun exporese of time?

Bulbasaur Male: Lonely Female: Docile Charmander Male: Docile Female: Brave Squirtle Male: Quirky Female: Bold Pikachu Male: Brave Female: Hasty Meowth Male: Sassy Female: Relaxed Chikorita Male: Calm Female: Quiet Cyndaquil Male: Timid Female: Calm Totodile Male: Jolly Female: Sassy Treecko Male: Quiet Female: Hardy Torchic Male: Hasty Female: Rash Mudkip Male: Rash Female: Lonely Skitty Male: Hasty Female: Naive Turtwig Male: Bold Female: Timid Chimchar Male: Naive Female: Impish Piplup Male: Impish Female: Quirky Munchlax Male: Relaxed Female: Jolly

Are there male and female algae?

It depends.There's "male" and "female" in some algaes, where a female genome, and a male genome come together to form the zygote.But they dont have male and female the way humans think of male and female.

What causes male humans to be male?

It happens in sexual intercourse. If the sperm is a male and the egg is female it will be male but if both are female, it will be female!

Can i have male and female ocicats and male and female toygers and male and female boxers and male and female doberman?

Whether or not you can have male and female ocicats, male and female toygers, male and female boxers and a male and female doberman will depend on where you live. There are rules as to how many pets can be in one home in many places. It will also depend on how much money you have. It will be expensive to care for so many pets.

Is J. Evans male or female?

is j. evans male or female