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All carnivorous and all omnivorous mammals eat meat. Cats, dogs, bears, ferrets, orcas etc.

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Do mammals eat meat or plants or both?

depends on the mammal

What mammal doesn't eat meat?

Many don't. All herbivores.

Can humans eat zebra meat?

Yes you can as long as it's cooked. We can eat any kind of meat. Zebra is a mammal like a cow. If we can eat cow, we can eat zebra.

Do walruses eat fruit?

The walrus is a sea mammal, and they are carnivores- they eat meat (clams, crabs, fish) There is no fruit where they live.

Is it true that if a mammal eats another mammal it will eventually die?

If this were true then all people who eat meat would be dead because humans are mammals.

Do fox's eat people?

A fox is a small mammal of the dog family. This animal is too small and timid to hunt and eat people. They are carnivores and eat meat. If a person was dead out in the woods, a fox might eat the meat off of this dead person.

What a spiny mammal eat?

a spiny mammal eat

Does a mammal eat a mammal?

yes a mammal can kill mammal

Is the cheetah an omnivore?

An omnivore is a type of mammal that is known to eat both meat and plant-life. A cheetah is considered an omnivore, although their preferred meal of choice is meat.

Is bear a non vegetarian food animal?

I'm not entirely certain what you mean here. If it's about a human eating bear meat, or if it's about what the bear eats. A bear is an animal, a mammal. Its body consists of meat. Vegetarians are not meant to eat meat. You "can't" eat bear meat and still be 100% vegetarian. Bears eat mostly plant material, but can eat meat. They're considered omnivores. The word vegetarian refers to a human who have chosen not to eat meat. Animals that don't eat meat are generally called herbivores.

Can mammal eat other mammals?

Yes they can because, a wolf can eat a deer and they are both mammals. So that means that a mammal can eat another mammal.

What are coyotes all about?

Mammal that eat other mammal.

What mammals are carnivores?

Any mammal that eats meat is a carnivore. Examples are: wolf, dog, cat, lion, tiger NOTE: Some humans are considered as carnivores because they eat meats all the time ! Meat is in their diet every time they eat!

What does a cray fish eat?

they eat meat meat meat.

Can vegetarians eat meat?

They physically can eat meat, but they choose not to eat meat, which is why they are vegetarians.

Do toucans eat meat?

No it does not eat meat

Does the gecko eat meat?

no they do not eat meat

Does a carribou eat meat?

they eat meat

What meat you eat?

i don't eat meat

Do hamsters eat raw meat?

No. They don't eat any meat.

What do red wolf pups eat?

Meat, specifically regurgitated meat that their parents and other members of the pack give them. Once the pups get older and are able to leave the den, they eat meat from the carcass like their older pack mates.

What kinds of foods do Canadians eat in Ontario?

Canadians eat alot of fruit's, vegtables, meat and grains. They eat lots of corn and LOTS of meat ! they just love there meat ! MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT !

What does a large mammal eat?

Some large land mammals such as polar bear and tigers are carnivorous, they eat meat (other animals and fish) many others such as elephants and all the large antelopes eat vegetation only.

What are types of mammals?

a mouse is a mammal because i think he is made from meat and if your made of meat your a mammel

What is the number raptors that eat meat?

Raptors by definition eat meat. All raptors eat meat.

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