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Opposed is the verb.

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Q: Many Americans opposed King George's laws does this sentence contain a verb?
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Which term describes Americans who were opposed to immigrating?


What is a compound sentence using the word assimilation?

Many Natuve Americans opposed assimilation into society, because it meant losing their distinctive tribal cultures.

Why did some Americans opposed?

Americans opposed slavery for religious reasons. The majority of northern Americans did not believe that one person should own another person.

Americans who opposed independence?


Americans who opposed the Constitution were called?


Why were the Americans opposed to the Vietman War?

The draft.

What group of Americans opposed radification?

federalist party

Was Clinton's impeachment supported by the majority of Americans?

No, Clinton's impeachment was not supported by the majority of Americans. Public opinion polls conducted during that time consistently showed that a majority of Americans opposed his impeachment.

What is the meaning behind the symbols and the design of the England flag?

The England flag (as opposed to the Union Flag) is a red St Georges Cross.

What Group of Americans that opposed Hamilton's plans?


Why did African Americans join the union?

because they opposed slavery

What is a sentence with the word opposed in it?

She opposed the new policy because she believed it would have negative consequences for the company.