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Mars is much larger than earth true or false?

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False. In volume, Mars is 0.15 times the volume of earth. Mars' radius is roughly half of Earth's radius.

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Is it mars larger that the earth?

No. Earth (diamater 12,756km) is much larger than Mars (diamater 6,787km).

Which is larger planet Mars or earth?

Earth is much bigger than Mars Earth's diamater is 12,756km, while Mars' diamater is 6,787kmEarth

How much bigger is earth than mars?

Earth is about 1.88 times larger than Mars.

Is mars a rocky planet larger than earth?

It is a rocky planet that is much smaller and colder than earth.

Is mars rocky planet that is much warmer and larger than earth?

It's a rocky planet, but is much smaller than earth and colder.

What are the four planets larger than the earth and what are the smaller planets then the earth?

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are much larger than earth. Venus (slightly), Mars (by half) and Mercury are smaller than earth.

Is true that mars is a rocky planet that is much warmer and larger than earth?

It is a rocky planet but smaller and colder than the earth

Why are the largest volcanoes on Earth so much smaller than the largest ones on Mars?

Scientists think this is probably due to larger eruption rates and to lower gravity on Mars than on Earth.

What is the bigger Mars or Earth?

Earth is much bigger than Mars

Which is smaller the earth or mars?

Mars is much smaller than Earth.

Is Mars larger than the Earth?

No, Mars is much smaller than Earth, but both planets have similar amount of dry land. Mars has a diameter of 6,792 kilometers = 4,220 miles at the equator. Earth has a diameter of 12,756.32 kilometers = 7,926 miles at the equator. By size, one typically refers to volume. In this respect Earth is about 6.6 times larger than Mars.Scroll down to related links and look at "Table of exact data on Mars vs. Earth ratios provided by NASA"

How much bigger is the earth then Mars?

Earth is roughly twice the size of Mars.

Is Neptune smaller than mars?

No. Neptune is much larger than Mars.

The diameter of earth is how much bigger than mars?

diameter os earth is how much bigger than mars

How much gravity does mars have compared to earth?

The gravity of Earth is 2.6 times that of Mars.

How much life and animals on earth and mars?

All life is on Earth, none on Mars.

Are there meteorites on mars that have hit it?

Yes. In fact, scientists have found meteorites here on Earth that appear to be pieces blasted off the surface of Mars when some much larger object hit it!

Is Mars smaller than your moon?

No, Mars is much larger than Earth's moon.

How much bigger is the Earth than Mars?

Earth is 300 ft. bigger than Mars

How does the temp on mars compare to the temp on earth?

Mars tempature is much greater than earth

Does mars have stronger or weaker gravity then earth?

Mars has a much weaker gravity than Earth.

Which one is the odd one out Pluto Mars Sun Earth Venus?

The Sun - it's mass is much larger. or The Earth - it is the only one with life. or Pluto - it is the one to be discovered.

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