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I don't know mars mass all I know is that mars is smaller than earth.


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The mass of Mars is 10.7% that of Earth.

the mass would be lighter as there is less gravity on mars then earthxxx

Compared to Earth, Mars is a tiny world. In fact, Mars' mass is only 10% the mass of the Earth. Mass of Mars is 0.107 the mass of Earth. Why does Mars have such a low mass? Partly it's because it's so small. Mars has a radius half the size of the Earth. And partly it's because Mars has a much lower density than Earth.

The earth is about twice as large (in diameter) as Mars, but the earth's mass (weight) is ten times greater.

Mars can be compared to Earth, because they both have numerous similarities.

the earth is polluted and mars isn't :)

Comparing the gravity of Mars compared to Earth's, Mars having a much smaller mass than Earth, Mars has a much weaker Gravity.

The mass on Venus compared to Earth is 80%.

Earth has more mass than Mars.

Mars is approximately half the size of the Earth.

Mars is only about half the diameter of Earth.

Size can mean different things.Mars is just over half the diameter of Earth, and has only 11% as much mass.These are the most common "size" ratios (mars/earth):Mass: 0.107 (10.7%)Mars has 11% of the mass of Earth.Volume: 0.151 (15.1%)Mars has 15% of the volume of Earth.Mean Radius: 0.532 (53.2%)Mars has a radius about half the radius of Earth.The equatorial diameter of Mars is 6792 km (4220 miles).The equatorial diameter of Earth is 12756 km (7926 miles).

Mass is invariant. It's the same in both places. Weightis different.

No. Mars is a little more than a tenth the mass of Earth.

Venus is roughly the same size as Earth. Mars is only half the diameter of Earth and has less than 11% of the mass, and 28.4% of the surface area.

Venus is slightly smaller than Earth, and its mass is about 81.5% of Earth's. Mars is much smaller, just over half (53%) of Earth's diameter and a mass only 10.7% of Earth's.

a day on mars is 24 hours, 39 minutes and 35 seconds compared to earth.

The gravity of Earth is 2.6 times that of Mars.

No. Mars has about one tenth of Earth's mass. Venus, howevr, does have a similar mass to Earth.

The mass of mars is about 0.107 Earth masses.

Radius (or diameter): About 0.53 times that of Earth.Volume: The above ratio, cubed. Mass: 0.107 times that of Earth.

one year on mars is about two years on earth

The surface gravity on Mars is about 37% or 3/8 that on Earth.

Mars is 1.57 times the distance Earth is from the Sun.

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