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May you show a picture for a mobile for a school project?


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December 07, 2009 4:49PM

You can use a hangar, straws or dowels (to hang the pictures from), string or yarn, poster board for the pictures, and pictures or information.

Draw scenes or paste pictures on the poster board. Cut the poster board into sizes to fit the picture or scene. Use the hangar and have 3 strings hanging down. One on each side (that are the same length) and one in the middle that is double the side lengths. Then for the 2 sides, you can tie the string around the dowel and from the dowel hang 2 pieces of string (one on each side of the dowel) that are then tied to 2 different pieces of poster board (with your scenes on them). Do the same on the other side. For the long middle string you want to hang another dowel, and do the same as you did for the side 2. At the bottom of the middle dowel hang one last string and hang your last poster board with the name of the title of the project on it.