Mazda 323
Head Gaskets and Valve Covers

Mazda 323 head bolt torque?

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3 stage 60 then 70 then 80

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How do you remove head light assembly from body Mazda 323 SP20?

replace headlight on mazda sp20

How do you properly tighten an 89' Mazda 323 axel bolt?

lefty loose righty tighty

What are the torque settings for Mazda 323 1300 front wheel 1997 model?

Agents recommend 185nm. We do 200nm.

How do you replace fan belt on 1997 Mazda 323?

This is from the Owners Handbook of my Mazda 323, 1996 : Alternator Drive Belt. 1. Loosen the alternator mounting bolt and adjusting bar bolt. Replace Fanbelt. 2. Turn the adjusting bolt until the correct tension is obtained. The deflexion should be 10mm. 3. Tighten bolts and recheck the tension.

What is the tork setting on a 92 Mazda 323 1.6l?

Torque setting for what part? Haynes lists various settings in their repair manual

Will the back suspension from a BG Mazda 323 fit in a BF Mazda 323?

No sorry they are completely different.

What is the timing setting's for a Mazda 323 E5?

Mazda 323 familia valve timing set up

How do you remove brake drum on 1991 Mazda 323?

how do remove the brake drum on a 1991 mazda 323

What is the stud pattern on a 1984 Mazda 323 fwd hatchback?

114x4 thats what i was told on my mazda 323 '84

Where is the oil drain plug on a 1989 Mazda 323?

The oil drain plug for Mazda 323 model usually located at the bottom side of the engine which mean at the crankcase cover engine. You may also slowly crawl your hand through the crankcase surface until you found there is only 1 bolt 19mm in size. That's the drain plug bolt. To open the bolt is same as standard bolt which counter clock wise. Regards, Hermansaallah

What is the speaker size on a 1992 Mazda 323?

The speaker size for a 1992 Mazda 323 would be 6-1/2.

Mazda 323 carburetor?

i need carburetors Mazda 323 1.5L rebuilding Harold E. Lozano P.

Where can you get a wiring diagram for a 1989-1993 Mazda 323 hatch back 1300cc?

The Mazda 323 of that time from had a 1600cc engine but that isn't going to effect the issue of where to get a wiring diagram. Haynes makes a manual for the 1990-1994 Mazda 323. If you have a 1986-1989 Mazda 323, you will need to get a FSM (Factory Service Manual).

What kind of brand coolant can use in Mazda 323 Astina?

The recommended brand coolant for use in a Mazda 323 Astina is Genuine Mazda Long Life Coolant. This can be bought at any Mazda dealership.

What causes Water in pistons Mazda 323?

A cracked/warped head, Blown head gasket, cracked cylinder wall, or cracked/warped intake manifold.

What oil Mazda 323?

SAE 10W30

Will the wheels from an M reg Mazda 323 fit an R reg Mazda 323?

4stud vs 4 stud, yes it will, 4 stud vs 5 studd, it will not. for all the 4 stud Mazda 323(f) from by 88 up to 2001 will fit

Where is the fuel pump relay located Mazda 323 year 00 BJ-5P?

Where can I find the fuel pump relay on a 2000 mazda 323

Were is the speed sensor found in the Mazda 323?

can you tell me where the my 03 plate Mazda 323 2 litre diesels speed sensor is located as its not working .ta

Is it possible an electrical problem on a Mazda 323 can cause the engine coil to burn?

Is it possible an electrical problem can cause my engine coil to burn on my Mazda 323

How many quarts in a 1991 Mazda 323?


The tcs light is on in your Mazda capella what does this mean?


What is the firing order for a 1986 Mazda 323?


Mazda 323 78 stud pattern?


Where can you find 1983 Mazda 323 wiring diagram?

I can send to you the wiring diagram for Mazda 323 from 1983 in PDF format please contact me