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Meaning of anti-graft law?


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September 16, 2012 10:01AM

The anti-graft law is a law to keep every agency and every officer of our government faithful and keep fit in policy and principle "a public office is a public trust." It is a law to suppress, remove, bind or be charged the staff or our government officials who abuse, stealing and using influence for self interest with the trunk, wealth and power of the people.

Some prohibited or stated laws :

1. Accepted the gift with an individual, group or company in lieu of a favor

2. When Inpluwensya for its own interest, relative or friend.

3. When Acceptable or enter the premises relatives in agency to provide employment or contract.

4. Arrival to enter into a contract Invalid passed a proper process and

binipisyuhan be a relative or friend or yourself.

5. 're Provides an corresponding documents (permits and licenses) to hnd also eligible grant.

6. The relevant information appears in another individual or emission

information contrary to the scheduled day ahead.

7. The submissions do not support his statement of assets and liabilities (sal)

to explain his income or wealth in his tenure.