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Why do flies rub their legs together?

They are cleaning themselves. Their front legs in particular are covered in sense organs which need to be kept clean to work at their best. They can also often be seen cleaning their antennae, heads and wings.

What two energy transformations happen when you rub two sticks together and fire is started?

When you rub the sticks together, you convert kinetic energy (from moving the sticks) to internal energy, or heat energy - the sticks will warm up. When the heat energy is sufficient to overcome the activation energy of the combustion (activation energy = minimum amount of energy required to start a ( Full Answer )

What will be made when two surfaces are rubbed together?

Rubbing two surfaces together creates friction , which expresses itself as heat . It is possible that static electricity will also be created (probable, actually), but there may or may not be a visible result of the buildup and/or neutralization of the charge (and usually there isn't). The force o ( Full Answer )

What is a place where two plates rub together called?

A fault line is a place where two plates rub together. Thistectonic activity can cause earthquakes both on dry land andunderwater. When it happens underwater, it can create a tsunami.

What is it called when two males rub penises together?

The common term for this act is "frot." Mutual masturbation is also descriptive of this act, though it may be confusing as it also refers to two or more men masturbating with each other while not necessarily allowing their penises to touch.

What is it called when bones rub together?

Arthritis. Bones are normal separated by a cushioning on their ends called cartilage, which is the substance that allows bones to glide gently over one another (such as the knee or elbow joint, and this meeting of two bones is called an "articulation"), when this cartilage is lost the bones come int ( Full Answer )

Do you make electricity by rubbing two pieces of metal together?

Electricity i.e. a battery, can be made by taking two different metals (maybe that's where your confusion came in) - for example, copper and zinc, and submerging them into a an acid solution (like vinegar). . Or you can take those same to metals and stick them into a lemon. . If you put a volt met ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when two people are beefing together?

i may be wrong but i think it means that they are working out at the gym lifting weights to make their muscles bigger and stronger....getting beefed up.....beefing together...what do you think?

If two boys rub their pines together will they get aids?

It certainly sounds risky. Please note that AIDS and other STDs are caused by pathogens (bacteria, viruses, etc.); therefore, they can only be transmitted from an infected person to one that is not infected.

What happens if you rub two people's blood together?

If a drop of two people's blood was side by side on a piece of paper, then mixed together, there'd be no health risk. However, if the two people made a cut on the skin and "mixed blood" by skin to skin, cut to cut, contact then there could be many minor and serious health risks. First, any break or ( Full Answer )

What happens when two neutral objects are rubbed together?

Each have a certain amount of protons and electrons in its atoms, therefore when its rubbed by friction, some electrons will transfer to the other object. Protons cannot move, only electrons can be transferred when you charge an object. Which object's electrons will go where all depends on how good ( Full Answer )

What happens when you rub rocks together?

Simple Answer Depends upon the two rocks and where they are. You will get dust as one stone wears away the other, or they wear away each other depending on the comparative density. Two rocks in a tumbling drum will slowly round each other off, creating smooth roundish stones. If one has iron conte ( Full Answer )

Can you get pregnant just by rubbing together?

Yes, if the penis came into any contact with the vagina. The tiniest drop of precum still has millions of sperm, and they can find their way even if they are just at the entrance to the vagina. Be safe - use contraception.

What does it mean when two ladybugs are stuck together?

That they are mating is what it means when two ladybugs are stuck together. Specifically, the insect in question( Coccinellidae family) carries out mating by thesmaller-sized male climbing or landing on top of the larger-sizedfemale's back. The male's underside is in contact with the female'supp ( Full Answer )

What is happening when two objects are rubbed together and static electricity results?

-- Relatively 'loose' electrons are scraped off of one object and collected on the other one. -- In terms of the charge 'budget', the action leaves one object positively charged ... having less electrons than it should have ... and the other object negatively charged ... having more electrons ( Full Answer )

Is it possible to create fire by rubbing two things together?

If you are talking about actually simply rubbing two sticksperpendicularly and not a traditional hand drill/bow drill/fireplough/fire saw method I can only say, that in over 60 years ofinformal primitive skills and survival study I have never heard ofa documented case of anyone actually accomplishin ( Full Answer )

What causes electrification of two bodies when they are rubbed together?

When two objects are rubbed together, electrons are transferred from one of them to another. The one gaining electrons becomes negatively charged and the one losing electrons becomes positively charged. The charges on each object are equal in magnitude. This is called charging by friction.

How does two rocks rubbing together make sparks?

Rubbing of every two rocks doesn't create fire... those are special type of rocks...perhaps having some amount of phosphorus in them... when they are rubbed...friction causes heating which causes them to initiate sparks

What is it called when you rub your noses together?

eskimo kiss . es·ki·mo kiss pronunciation: 'es-k&-"mO 'kis 1: the rubbing of two noses together. the eskimos would kiss with their noses, so that their lips wouldn't freeze together..

What happens when two identical neutral objects are rubbed together?

When they are rubbed together, some of the electrons from oneobject are transfered to the other. This means that one object willhave more electrons than protons, and thus have a negative charge.While the other will have more protons than electrons, andtherefore have a positive charge.