Metal her surface is made from?

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If by "her", you mean tthe Statue of Liberty, her surface is copper.

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Q: Metal her surface is made from?
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Can you use electrostatic paint over a painted metal surface?

No. The electrostatic process requires a electrical circuit to be made which will not happen on a painted surface.

What is an oxidized metal?

It is metal with an oxidized surface..

What is bare metal?

Bare metal is considered as metal stripped down to its bare surface, no paints or any sort of coatings on the metal surface.

Does taping an electrical wire to a surface ground the current?

That would depend on the surface: wood surface - noplastic surface - noungrounded metal surface - nogrounded metal surface - yesetc.

What is the hottest man made object?

The torches that cut through metal I think get as hot as the suns surface

A circular hole is made on a sheet of a metal Would the surface area of the hole increase when the sheet is heated?


Can magnets be man made?

Yes, magnets are essentially metal ores that can be found many places in Earths surface.

What exactly is case hardening?

Case hardening, also referred to as surface hardening is the process of hardening a surface of a metal. It is done by surfacing the metal surface with a layer of metal on top of it, in order to harden it.

How is expanded metal made?

The Expanded Lath is a type of metal lath having an open mesh formed by slitting galvanised metal sheet and exerting a traction cross-wise to the slitting, resulting in an irregular surface.

What can a metal bucket be made out of?

A metal bucket is made out of metal

Is a metal surface being ground a chemical change?

A metal Surface being ground is a physical change, not a chemical change.

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