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Metric unit for measuring length?


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November 29, 2017 3:02AM

By unit of length and distance and conversion ,we can say that Metric unit for measuring length is meter.


The metre (to use its correct French spelling) is the SI standard unit of length, and for practical purposes we use its milli-, micro- and nano- divisions downwards, and its kilo- multiplier upwards.


The centimetre is in common day-to-day use for clothes sizes and the like, but is not a "preferred unit" and is not used in science and engineering, save for the cubic centimetre (cc) in chemistry and engine specifications.


Agriculture and forestry use the Hectare (Ha) for area but otherwise areas are in square metres, or the square mill-, micro-, nano- metre down; and square kilometre upwards.


Whilst numerically all right, the "Mega" multiple is rare or non-preferred here. In fact I have only ever seen Mega tacked onto Newtons (force or weight), Pascals (pressure), litres (liquid volume) and electrical units.


The deci- and deca- factors in any measurements, are rarely, if ever, used.


Avoid mixing multiples / divisors - don't say "3m 55mm", but instead say "3055mm" or (better) "3.055m" ("Three-point-nought-five-five").