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In Mexico, both families are responsible for paying for the wedding. In addition, invitations are usually in both Spanish and English, and lazo is draped around the shoulders of the bride and groom.

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Is it better to marry your Mexican boyfriend in Mexico or US?

It depends on kind of wedding (Protestant vs. Catholic), as traditions vary. It also depends on what amount are you willing to spend: while the average wedding in the US is around $25,656 a Mexican wedding is around $9,585.

Wedding traditions in brazil?

Almost the same as wedding traditions in USA.

How do you ge married according to the Bible?

Wedding ceremonies are built upon traditions. The Bible touches on some of these traditions, but never fully describes a wedding ceremony.

What traditions do the Maasai tribe have?

They have a wedding and a naming ceremony.

Do you eat the wedding cake at a wedding?

Wedding customs and traditions differ between different nations and peoples. In the U.S.A., wedding cake is eaten at the wedding. But it is also proper to provide small boxes for those who would like to take an additional piece of cake home, according to some older traditions.

What are the release dates for Cookin' in Brooklyn - 2003 Mexican Wedding?

Cookin' in Brooklyn - 2003 Mexican Wedding was released on: USA: 2004

How a christian wedding is different to an Islamic wedding?

In a Christian Wedding, the traditions from what the bride and groom prepares and wears to the traditional wedding symbols are different from that of the Islam wedding that is conducted in accordance to the Islamic Koran

What is the Letter by a Mexican Philosopher that is read at Mexican Civil wedding ceremonies?

His name was Youreth Mamamyu

Traditional Mexican wedding anniversary gifts?


How many dimes are given at a Mexican wedding?


What are some Mexican wedding traditions?

for a catholic wedding you use arras which are the dimes, lazo used for unity; uniting the two, cojines which are cushions for you to use while kneeling at the altar, and using the bible and rosary in place of your bo uquet while at the altar and using the bouquet for the processional and recessional.

What are some Italian wedding traditions?

Follow the related link below.

What are some Greek wedding traditions?

well you will have to buy a chicken and the most famous thing to do with it on a greek wedding is to stab it with a knife.

What do Muslims wear for their wedding?

Weddings are celebrated mostly according to local customs and traditions. Wedding in Islam is very simple but most of the Muslims have made it very costly and complicated. Muslims may wear any kind of dress on wedding depending on the local traditions.

What is the traditional Mexican greeting for congratulations on your wedding?

If you are invited to a Mexican wedding, you won't need to try too hard to make a good impression, a simple and heartfelt 'Felicidades por tu boda', which means 'Congratulations for your wedding', will be enough.

Who is responsible for cost of traditional Mexican wedding?

The cost of a traditional Mexican wedding falls on the family of the bride. Most Mexican weddings can turn into large family reunions and the Grooms family will sometimes pay for a portion of their families costs.

What Traditions do Portuguese people have?

well they have wedding traditions which in the ancient times portuguese people would just marry to build another family. The portuguese have food traditions too. Its realy quite interesting!!!! well they have wedding traditions which in the ancient times portuguese people would just marry to build another family. The portuguese have food traditions too. Its realy quite interesting!!!!

What is the significance of a Jewish wedding?

The significance of a Jewish wedding is that a Jewish man and a Jewish woman are married according to the rites and traditions of Judaism.

What hand does a man wear his wedding ring on?

Either according to different traditions.

What are some of the traditions associated with getting married?

There are some traditions that are associated with getting married and weddings. Such traditions include the famous tradition that the groom can't see the bride on the day of the wedding.

What are some Chile wedding customs and traditions?

couples getting married exchange wedding rings on their hand and then when their done put it on their other hand.

What are the traditions of Czechoslovakia?

Well, a wedding tradition is where the mother or grandmother of the bride makes a wreath for her and she wears it at her wedding. CZECHOSLOVAKS RULE!!!!!!! -Calm Penguin-

What music video has band playing at Mexican wedding?

Nacho libre!

Where can one find good Mexican wedding cookies recipes?

Mexican wedding cookies are very popular for a variety of occasions, not just weddings and are similar to shortbread with the addition of ground nuts. Recipes can be found either through specific Mexican cookery books, or online.

What does the laso in a Mexican wedding represent?

The lasso used during wedding ceremonies in Mexico symbolizes the union of husband and wife (the marriage).

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