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Mi amor in English?

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in english it is my loved & for only amor it is loved happi

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What does Mi amor pimeria y mi unica amor mean in English?

mi amor primera= my first love mi unica amor= my only love

What does besa mi amor mean?

Besa mi amor in English is: Kissing my love.

What does mi amor tu sabe mean in English?

"Mi amor tu sabes" means "My love you know" in English.

Translate to English Gracias mi amor?

'gracias mi amor' literally translates as 'thank you my love'

What is the Spanish 'mi amor' in English?

My love is an English equivalent of 'miamor'. The possessive 'mi' means 'my'. The masculine noun 'amor' means 'love'. Together, they're pronounced 'mee ah-mohr'.

Dulces Suenos mi amor in English?

"Dulces sueños mi amor." translates to "Sweet dreams my love".

What is como no mi amor in English?

"why not, my love"

What is 'Te amo mi amor' when translated from Spanish to English?

¡Te amo mi amor! in Spanish is "I love you, my love!" in English.

Mi amour how do you say this in English?

mi amour= French mi amor= Spanish my love= English

What is te miras preciousa mi amor in English?

"Te miras preciousa mi amor"You look beautiful my love.

Mi amore - translate into English?

my love in Italian in spanish its mi amor

What does como te llamas mi amor mean in english?

Como te llamas mi amor means "What is your name my love?" in Spanish.

What does Perdona mi amor pero you fui mean in English?

Perdona mi amor pero you fui translates to mean sorry my love, but it was me.

What does besos mi amor mean in English?

kisses my love

What does tambien mi amor mean in English?

also my love

Siente Mi Amor with English lyrics?

feel my love

What does Puedes ser mi amor mean in English?

Can be my love

What does tado mi amor mean in english?

All my love

What does mi amor paso mean in English?

my other love

What does 'mi novio mi amor' mean in English?

It means "my boyfirend, my love".

What does por mi amor mean in English?

it means "for life my love"

Que pasa mi amor in English?

how are things my love ~justo~

What do muy bien mi amor in English?

Very well my love

What does para mi amor lala mean in English?

For my love lala

What is 'Gracias mi amor' when translated from Spanish to English?

"Thanks, my love!" is an English equivalent of the Spanish phrase ¡Gracias, mi amor! The courtesy also translates as "Thank you, my love!" in English and will be heard said to a female or male "love." The pronunciation will be "GRA-syas mee a-MOR" in Uruguayan Spanish.