Migration in India

Updated: 12/7/2022
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India moved because they needed a to get better jobs

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Q: Migration in India
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What is the pattern of migration of yellow wagtail from west Alaska to India?

the migration pattern is not very normal of the yellow wagtail from west alaska to India?

When did the Partition of British India in 1948 migration end?

Question is ambiguous. If you are asking when did the migration process after 1947 partition end, then the answer is migration from Pakistan to India and vice versa was allowed till 1957.

Does India make the largest migration stream to the US?

No, today the largest migration stream to the U.S. is Mexico.

What culture impact did the Aryan migration have on India?

In charloot

Can you give me information about any 5 migratory animals in India?

5 migration animal in india

Do Asian koel migration to India because of food?

I don 't know

The primary reason for migration between India and Pakistan in 1947 was?

economic reasons

What has the author G K Mehrotra written?

G. K. Mehrotra has written: 'Birth place migration in India' -- subject(s): Internal Migration

What has the author Shekhar Mukherji written?

Shekhar Mukherji has written: 'The mobility field theory' -- subject(s): Marginality, Social, Population policy, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Rural-urban migration, Rural-urban migration, Social Marginality 'Poverty-induced migration and urban involution in India' -- subject(s): Internal Migration, Migration, Internal, Research, Rural-urban migration, Urbanization 'Migration and Urban Decay:' 'The demographic field theory' -- subject(s): Population policy, Demographic surveys 'Poverty and fertility in India' -- subject(s): Fertility, Human, Human Fertility, Mathematical models, Population, Poverty 'Poverty and mobility in India' -- subject(s): Case studies, Poor, Rural-urban migration, Labor mobility

Duration of Siberian cranes migration to India?

Siberian cranes come to India in winter to escape the harsh winter and to hatch the eggs.

What has the author J P Singh written?

J. P. Singh has written: 'Patterns of rural-urban migration in India' -- subject(s): Rural-urban migration

In India migration of people from rural areas to urban areas has resulted in?

a weakening of traditional values