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Chances are your shotgun was made by savage/stevens for the montgomery wards company.

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Q: Montogomery ward 12 gauge pump shot gun with pat by browning on the barrel who made it?
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How old is a browning shotgun serial no 76117 with 26 inch barrel?

If it is a Browning Superposed 12 gauge it was made in 1959.

When and were was a Browning 12 Gauge Shotgun with Serial Number 324935 made?

Where will be marked on the barrel/receiver.

How old is a 12 gauge browning shotgun serial 120106?

This gun was made in 1928. The barrel will be marked as Browning Arms Co. Ogden Utah.

How can you tell if a 20 gauge Browning Light Auto-5 was made in Belgium?

The barrel will have 'Made in Belgium' on it. The receiver can be dated by serial number.

What is the value of a Browning 12 gauge shotgun automatic 30 inch barrel made in 1955?

50-500 usd

Is a Browning sixteen gauge ribbed barrel made in Belgium with serial number FN57984 and barrel stamped Ogden Utah made in twenties? has sn data under customer service.

If a Model 80 16 gauge shotgun says Browning patent on the barrel does that mean it is a Browning gun?

No. Many manufacturers have used Browning's patents. Your gun was made by Savage/Stevens.

What is the value of a Browning Auto-5 12 gauge made in Belguim in 1947 with a regular barrel in good condition?


What value is Belgium Browning 12 gauge serial number 164694?

Your Browning auto-5 shotgun in 12 gauge which was made in the year 1930 will bring between 250-575 dollars,depending on overall condition and the type of barrel on the shotgun.A plain barrel will bring less and a vent rib barrel will bring more.

How old is browning 16 gauge shotgun serial number x23863 the barrel is marked special steel Browning Arms Company St Louis MO and made in Belgium?

Your browning 16ga was produced by browning in belguim in 1949.

What would an A5 belgium made browning 20 gauge 3 inch 28 inch barrel made in 1979 be worth?

100-550 usd

What is the value of a 12 gauge Browning Field shotgun serial 11502PP152 with a 26-inch barrel?

That is a Browning BPS Hunter 12ga made in 1988. Value is going to be $250-$300.

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