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the record of the most glased donuts eaten in a minute is 27 held Justin Bieber


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not most, but some are.

The person that ate the most hotdogs eatin in a minute was Girlstavo

58 by treyshell storms of gainesville Florida

Depends on the maker. Most are round, but there are imperfect donuts in an inperfect world.

snack CAN be good for you but most of the time they are not. try eatin carrots or celery rather then eatin a bag of potatoe chips it can help you lose weight and its just a good snack for you

The most popular doughnut is the original glazed

The type of porcelain that the antique chinese dolls are made from is glazed porcelain. Glazed porcelain is the most popular form of most porcelain dolls.

Yes, Dunkin' Donuts is a franchise.

Painting on a glazed surface can be very difficult because it is no longer porous. Most oil pants and water colors require a non water resistant surface, and a glazed plate would not allow the paint to bond with it.

Dunkin' Donuts travel mug refills are $.50, at most Dunkin' Donuts stores. Dunkin' Donuts stores in New York City charge one dollar for a coffee refill.

Most donuts are fried, so they are quite high in fats. Some bakeries and stores have baked donuts that are much lower in fat than fried donuts. Baked donuts can also be produced in home kitchens with special pans as well as with commercial baked donut mixes.

One can buy Dunkin Donuts coffee by the pound at most Dunkin Donuts locations. It can also be ordered online and is about $10 but there are often sales for them.

Dunkin Donuts has a had a variety of slogans over the years. Its most recent slogan is America Runs on Dunkin.

Most Dunkin' Donuts employees get paid on Friday. Each franchisee can determine the day that their employees are paid. Employees at the Dunkin' Donuts headquarters are paid on Friday.

Dunkin' Donuts has stores in just about every European country. Great Britain, France, and Germany have the most Dunkin' Donuts stores of any European countries.

Rhode Island. RI Has 124, the most of any other state.

The song that is in the most recent Dunkin' Donuts Iced Coffee commercial is called "The Entertainer". The artist is Scott Joplin.

the USA, these are an American invention and is as "American" as apple pie!!!

Most doughnuts are made with eggs, but it depends on the specific recipe.

I think its donuts or cotton candy. Nothing but sugar:(......

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