Most influental reggae singer of all time?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: Most influental reggae singer of all time?
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When was reggae's most popular time period?

it was in the 70s

How does reggae music demonstrate the beliefs of Rastafari?

Bob Marley, the most famous reggae singer of all time, Is a Rasta Man. Encyclopedia Britannica school says "Rastafarianism has become internationally known through its associations with reggae music and some of Jamaica's most successful musical stars." We also know that some reggae lyrics are supporting people to shoot, burn, hang, or beat lesbians and gays. This also explains a lot more about the culture. No other religion is as harsh and cruel as rastas (no offense intended!). They are also trying to spread rightfulness, as the comment said states.

What artist or the 1970s is considered one of the most influential reggae singers of all time?

t dog bennet

What artist of the 1970 s is considered one of the most influential reggae singers of all time?

Bob Marley

Why is Jurassic Park the biggest greatest and most ultimate and influental dinosaur movie of all time and of our lives?

Cos it was the best animation of it's day, the acting was awesome and it was different from all the other movies.

What is reggae legends dance steps and reggae skanking and who created it?

Reggae dance steps and Reggae Skanking both developed over time in the Reggae dance halls in Jamaica. The dancing style involves rhythmic bouncing and swaying and began to be recognized as dance styles in the mid fifties.

Who is the most influencial reggae singers of all time?

dennis brown....gregory isaacs...sugar minott.....freddie mcgregor....bcoz during reggae golden years from roughly 1975-1980... u cud not go to any reggae party...blues or dance without hearing their tunes...and they the ladies love dem!

What are the highest grossing reggae bands?

UB40 of all time

What is the signature of reggae music?

the time signature is 4/4

What is the biggest selling reggae single of all time?

informer by snow

Who is the most boring singer of all time?

Please feel free to write your own comment on who's the most boring singer of all time, below.1. Taylor Swift2. Justin Bieber

Highest paid reggae artist of all time?

Well Bob Marley is the all time richest, but if your talking about richest Reggae artist alive it would be Shaggy.