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If your mother had a Will and owned a house or property (even a car) then this is considered an Estate and would have to go into Probate. Probate makes sure all creditors, taxes, etc., are paid before any monies or property is distributed to an heir or heirs.

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Q: Mother has passed she was on a fixed income She had a credit card from a Dept Store Who is liable for this account?
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Is an additional credit card holder liable for the whole debt on the credit card account?

ia an additional credit card holder liable for the whole debt of the credit card account

I filed bankruptcy for my credit cards my wife has her own credit cards in her name am I obligated to pay her credit cards also when we get a divorce?

If your name is not on the account, and the account is not considered a "joint account" by the credit card company, then you should not be held liable for any debt on your wife's credit cards.

Are you liable for your husbands credit card?

Yes, you are liable for your husbands credit card.

What if the signature on a joint credit card account was forged?

If you can show it was forged and you did not use the account then you are probably not liable. You should discuss this with a local attorney.

What are the responsibilities of credit card debt for unmarried couple break up?

The name on the account. If both names are on the account, both are fully liable for the debt.

If you are a authorized user on a credit card and the primary holder is not paying the bill can the authorized user be held responsible?

No. Authorized Users are NOT liable for the debt, only the PRIMARY on the account is liable.

What does it mean to be a co-signer on a credit account?

It mean - BOTH people who sign the agreement are liable for the balance owing.

Are you responsible for paying credit card debt after it was charged off and the account sold and what is the law on this?

Yes, you are still liable on the debt. Unless the debt is beyond the statute of limitations (which varies by state) or it is discharged in bankruptcy, you are likely to be liable on the debt. If the debt is forgiven/cancelled (you would then not be liable) then you will likely receive a 1099-C in the mail and it may be taxable income. Consult with a tax professional if that is the situation.

Am i responsible for my spouse's credit card debt after they die in the state of Ohio?

Only in certain instances. If your name on the credit card debt? For instance, is it a joint account? If so, you are liable for it. If not, you are not legally liable for it. Some sneaky collection agencies will try to tell you that you are liable when you are not. This is illegal. Learn your rights against collection agencies by reading up on the FDCPA.

Can credit report information be changed if someone else admits by affidavit that they are 100 percent at fault for the late payments?

There is a big difference between being responsible for something and being legally liable for it. As far as the credit bureaus are concerned, if the ACCOUNT is yours, it doesn't matter who made the late payments. You, as the account holder, are liable. The information is correctly reported against you.

When filing Ch 7 what do you do about a credit card a family member got you on her account?

Nothing, other than your obligation to repay the person. Credit card debt belongs to the person who has the account. Authorized users and second card holders are not liable for the debt other than to the account holder.

Are you liable for credit card debt if the credit card company has your Social Security number wrong?

If you held the account in name either solely or jointly and used the credit available you are still responsible for the debt, the error of the SSN is irrelevant.

Your parents own a house your father died is your mother liable for his credit card bills and hospital bills?

yes unless they are divorced then it goes to his mother or his children.and if this has happened to you then i am so sorry about that.

Can you be liable for someone else's credit card debt if you made their minimum payment every month out of your checking and you weren't a joint card holder?

No. Someone who pays the debt or an authorized user are not liable for the debt. Only someone named as a joint account holder can be held liable.

Mother died widow she had 3000 in credit card debt and no will only 600 in checking account Is son liable for this debt?

The son is not personally liable. The estate, of which the son is most likely going to be executor, is responsible for liquidating all debts. If there are not enough assets, the executor provides the court with how they are dividing them across the debtors. With approval, the estate is then liquidated and closed.

Am I responsible for Joint credit card debt?

Yes. If a couple, or two people jointly opened a CC account, then they are both liable to repay the debt. If one fails, even if subsequently divorced, the other is still liable to pay.

If your name was added to your parent's credit card can you have the account removed from your credit report?

Only if you did not authorize it. Then your parents would be charged with credit card fraud.If your parents added you to their account as an authorized user, you are not liable for any balance, whether you charged on the card or not. Authorized users generally did not enter into a legal agreement with the creditor. That agreement only extends to the account holder.However, it is customary and usual for these accounts to show on consumer's credit report. There are numerous lawsuits and class action suits contesting the practice. The bureaus continue to do this because their primary client, the credit card companies, benefit if a frustrated or confused authorized user pays the account.Your situation is different if you were added as a co-borrower to the account. Like the co-signer on a car loan, you would be liable for the full amount of the loan or account.If you dispute any information on this account with the credit bureaus it will be deleted from your credit report. The credit bureau must delete Any account in which you are only an authorized user once information is disputed. I have done this myself accidentally.

Can you drop your name off a joint checking account?

Yes it is possible to do so - PROVIDED - the account is in credit and the other account owners agree. It is best to do this in writing (see related question below). If the account is in arrears (overdrawn) the bank will not let you do this as you are joint and severally liable for the debt.

Does every student loan you cosign for show up on your credit report?

If the creditor chooses to report the loan, then yes, the account will show on your credit report. A co-signer is 100% liable for the balance of the loan, whether reported or not.

If someone files for bankruptcy and another person is linked to one of their credit cards will it affect that other persons credit?

Not really, if Person B is just a person who received an additional card with access to that account. Person A is the person's whose credit is on the line for the account. Person B is in no way liable for the account because Person B is not part of the credit card agreement. The bankruptcy will not affect person B. Now the reason I say "not really" is because that account will be closed and Person B will no longer receive the benefit of having this account on their credit report as an authorized user. There may be a slight decrease but only from the general closure of an account.

Is Unearned revenue credit or debit?

If you sell goods that have yet to be delivered you would create an account for unearned revenue. Unearned revenue is a liability account because you are still liable to produce those goods so if you are increasing the amount of unearned revenue you would credit the account, however if you are decreasing the unearned revenue, meaning you have supplied the goods to the customer, then you would debit the account.

Are you liable for the amount you signed for or the full balance on a credit card if you are an authorized user only?

If you're only an authorized user on a credit card, you don't directly owe anything as far as the credit company is concerned. However, you can still be sued by the individual who has the card account.

Is the second person on a credit card legally responsible to pay the debt?

Maybe. If the "second" person is an actual account holder then he or she is liable for the debt. If the "second" person is an authorized user of the account, he or she is not legally responsible for the debt but that does not mean the creditor will not attempt to collect from the AU. Additionally, married persons living in community property states are generally liable for credit card debt and other debts incurred during the marriage even when only one spouse is the actual account holder.

How do you find out if you are liable for a credit card that does not appear on your credit report?

The best option would be to contact the issuer of the card and ask if you are a joint account holder. If you are not on the account, they will not give you any information. If you are an authorized user/second card holder you are not responsible for the repayment of the account. The exception might be pertainint to laws that governing marital accounts in community property states.

Am i responsible for the debt on credit card after card holder's death i made most of the purchases with his approval we were not married and he had the card before we met?

Are you listed on the credit card account as a joint owner? If so, you are legally liable for it. If you are not listed on the account, you are not legally liable for it. Some sneaky collection agencies will try to make pay by telling you that you must pay, so beware. You can learn more about your rights in debt collection by reading up on the FDCPA.