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You should have at least read the following thoroughly

1. Robbins Pathologic Basis of disease

2. the College guidelines (posted on their site)

3. GN Rutty's book on Autopsy

4. Sternberg's Surgical pathology or Rosai/Ackerman .

Also, must have done lots of routine surgical pathology specimens and have been attending tutorials and slide sessions regularly. If you are familiar with the immunohistochemical/ EM/cytogenetics workup of things like small blue round cell tumours , renal tumours, spindle cell tumours, brain tumours etc......

Must know your immunohistochemical and special stains well.

Must know the clinical presentation, aetiology, and treatment, prognosis and staging of important tumours like lung ca, breast ca, colon, endometrium, cervix..... etc.

Day to day practice with cytology should enable you to answer most of the cytology questions.

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Q: Mrcpath histopathology exam preparation
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