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Depends on the position of the music marketer. Their job can be setting up shows, handling merchandise, setting up photo-shoots, promoting, and running social media.

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Marketing Manager's job is dichotomous do you agree with the statement how they deal with these dual roles?

Answering "Marketing Manager's job is dichotomous do you agree with the statement how they deal with these dual roles?"

What information can be found on the Stopgap website?

The Stopgap website will tell you what kind of job vacancies they recruit for. The recruit people for marketing roles and have a special interest in digital marketing roles.

Is it hard to find a marketing job?

Mid Marketing roles (manager to Director) are a plenty in the Toronto Market. Roles fulfillment at one recruiting agency was up this past quarter 40% VYA. Senior level roles, VP and Higher, continue to be scare and highly competitive.

Where can job seekers find jobs in car marketing?

Marketing cars is a unique field to work in so it may be difficult to find a job in this area. The best way to find a job is get a job with a marketing company that have marketing contracts with auto makers.

Where can I get a marketing strategy consultancy job?

You can get a marketing strategy consultancy job at Just create a profile on the website and search for marketing strategy consultant.

Who should do the job of marketing to attract visitors to the shows?

The marketing manager or department

What is the most job that is in Peru?


Is marketing training necessary to obtain a job in marketing?

It is necessary to have a training in marketing because many positions in the marketing field requires a degree.

What city in the United States has more job openings for brand marketing?

Based on job search sites, there is not one particular city in the United States that has more job openings for brand marketing. However, the state of California had the most job openings overall for brand marketing.

What are the main job roles of Monsoon?


What are the job roles in the photography industry?


What kind of a job can you get in marketing?

energy company

What does a marketing coordinator job entail?

it doc

What jobs involve the music industry?

One job that involves music is you can be a music producer. Or another job is a music tharaipist

What type of marketing job did Ned Barnholt have with Hewlett Packard?

1973-1980, marketing manager

What percentage of all people employed in the US work in a marketing job or marketing business?


What roles do gears play in the job of a corporate lawyer?

A corporate lawyer is a high gear job and has various roles. Some of the roles of corporate lawyers include overseeing commercial transactions and providing legal advice to corporations.

Functions of job center and roles?

To annoy people

What are job roles for MacDonald?

first they have sex then they die

Job questions and answers for marketing staff?

This following article provides marketing interview questions and tips on answering these questions. The article deals with the following positions: product marketing, internet marketing and marketing managers.

What is the job description of sales and marketing?

People work in sales and marketing work together to get a business' products on the market. They may design marketing campaigns.

What kind of experience should I have to be a marketing consultant?

for an marketing consultant , you should have the experience of the market , buisiness , and also the current marketing and the job availabe in the market.

What is the background of marketing and communication?

The background of marketing and communication is advertising, banding, marketing and design. In order to this job you will have to have a background doing this kind of work to do well.

Marketing Manager job description?

This job includes developing and maintaining marketing strategies to meet company objectives. It also involves research market conditions and competitor data. They oversee all marketing, advertising, promotional staff and activities.

What does a marketing professional do?

A marketing professional's job is to manage the tasks of bringing a service or product to market. Marketing professionals also research products and consumer behavior.