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Muslim leader of Iran?

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#5 Down-Muslim leader of Iran Khomeini

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Who was the leader of the Muslim revolution in Iran?

That was the Ayatollah Khomeini.

Who is the muslim leader who replaced the Shah of Iran?


Is amadejhan Jewish?

If you are referring to the leader of Iran, then no. He is not Jewish. He is muslim.

Muslim religious leader who established a new regime in Iran in 1979?

Ayatollah Ruhollah

Can a Muslim woman marry a non-Muslim man in Iran?

A:No. In Iran, it would be dangerous for a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim man.

What guideness did the Quran provide for the governments of Muslim states?

Please refer to below book about Islamic government written by Imam Khomeini the leader of Iran Islamic revolution of Iran at 1976.

Who is the leader of Iran today?

The leader of Iran today is SYED ALI KHAMENAI

What is the leader of Iran known as?

The spiritual and temporal Supreme Leader of Iran is the AYATOLLAH.

What are the religion of Iran?


Who is the Supreme Leader for Iran?

Ayatollah Ali Hoseini-Khamenei is the Supreme Leader for Iran.

What holidays do people in Iran celebrate?

Muslim holidays are celebrated in Iran.

Who is the current leader of Iran?

Ahmadinejad has been the leader of Iran since August 5, 2005.

What is a Muslim leader or teacher called?

An Imam is a Muslim leader or teacher.

Is Iran Jewish. Muslim or Cristian?

Iran is ruled by Shia Muslims

Who is the leader of the Muslim faith?

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the leader of Muslim faith.

Is claudia lynx Muslim?

Claudia Lynx is Muslim, yes she is Muslim she is from Iran, tehran so yeah

Is Iran pedominantly Shite Muslim?


What Muslim sect controls Iran?

Iran is a predominantly Shi‘i (شيعي) Muslim country. They follow what is called the "Twelver" or "Ja‘fari" (جعفاري) branch of Shi‘ism.

Who was the leader of the Muslim forces in the third crusade?

Saladin was the Muslim leader of the 3rd crusade!

What is the name of a leader of a Muslim congregation?

Imam or sheikh is the name of a leader of a Muslim congregation.

What is the name of a Muslim leader's wife?

there are many Muslim leaders on the level of mosques leaders, Islam State Muslim leader, AlAzhar Muslim leader, The Islamic Union Muslim Leader, ... etc. So whose wife do you ask about?

How do you become leader in Iran?

you cant. You can become a president there, but not a leader.

What was the title of the Muslim leader?

The title of a Muslim leader is known as a Caliph, or Khalifa (خليفة‎) in Arabic.

Who took over when the shah of Iran lost power?

The Ayatollah were the ones to take over Iran when the shah of Iran lost power. They came in as a religious leader as a religious leader.

What is the most common religion for an Iranian girl?

The most common religion for an Iranian girl is Muslim. The Muslim religion in Iran is the most common for all Iranians. Ninety percent of the total population in Iran is Muslim.

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