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Must a security officer who has just had his jaw replaced find another line of work?


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That question is impossible to answer without know what limitations, if any, the jaw replacement imposes on the security guard's ability to perform the necessary duties of the occupation. To give a general answer, the Americans with Disabilities Act requires US employers to make reasonable accommodations for disabled employees. A reasonable accommodation might be rembursing a sales person for taking cabs to sales calls, instead of paying them mileage for driving their car (if a disability prevented them from driving.) Paying for a chauffered limo would probably not be a reasonable accommodation. Another example: Installing a $100 grab bar in the bathroom for a mobility-challenged employee would probably be a reasonable accommodation. Installing a $100,000 elevator would not. Figure out what your limitations are, and what you need your employer to do, for you to be able to continue to work. Then approach them and begin a dialogue about it.


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