Musterbuting is bad for health or not?

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NO it is fine just do not go cazry with it
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Are cashews bad for your health?

Answer . No. Plain cashews are a good source of monounsaturated fats. Cashews are almost entirely fat by calories though, so it's important to remember that just a handful or so can have hundreds of calories. A little bit goes a long way.. This advice applies to plain cashews only. Salting, oil ( Full Answer )

Why are burger bad for health?

it is bad for ur health because burger are made out of alot of fat and un healthy stuff. some people are fit, don't eat much fat stuff. i and fit and i train at least 2 hours a day with fitness and soccer stuff. i eat lots of vegetable fruit and meat(not alot), rice and bread also.

How is sugar bad for your health?

Sugar may contribute to mild memory loss.Sugar can cause nearsightednesses. It feeds any type of cancer,including prastrate cancer.Stop eating sugar!

Is club soda bad for your health?

Club soda does not contain sugar or artificial flavours or colours, and the amount of sodium varies by product. Read the label to be sure how much sodium you are getting. Some brands contain little or no sodium. Too much sodium can affect blood pressure in sensitive individuals.

Is nitrogen oxides bad to health?

Yes! . Nitrogen oxides are toxic colorless gases found in cigarette smoke, vehicle exhaust, burning wood, etc. Inhaling these gases can cause shortness of breath, nausea, fluid build-up in lungs (pulmonary edema) and respiratory airway damage.

Why is alcohol bad for your health?

In moderation, it's not bad for you Alcoholic beverages are for adults. Drunk in moderation, alcohol can have salutary effects. Red-wine drinking, in particular, has been shown to be very beneficial to one's health. But like all good things, alcohol consumption, when done to excess, can be very unh ( Full Answer )

Why is smoking bad to your health?

Because of all the chemicals inside the cigarette which are breathed in with the smoke. At least 50 of the 4000 chemicals in then are carcinogens, which cause cancers

Is IRON Ore bad for your health?

The human body needs iron to help keep it strong. Iron can be badif you take more than what you're supposed to.

Are video games bad for your health?

Video games can cause many health problems when played in excess. However, all problems can be prevented by adjusting the time spent playing and the games played. Video games are often blamed for bad eyesight, yet they are shown to improve the contrast in players' vision by about 50%. Video games ( Full Answer )

How can you control musterbute?

forget sex until u get lady dont think about sex when are not with a girl musterbuting is harmful our selves it makes us unconfident,fear,transpiring,shying

What is bad for your health?

junkfood things like bread and salty things and also smoking and chewing and sucking on tobacco Anger is also bad for your health :)........ Also swearing has been known to cause cancer well for girls, guys are bad for your health :D -Your heart starts to beat faster -You can barely breath - ( Full Answer )

How is skipping a meal bad for your health?

Skipping meals is bad for your health because your body needs the nutritional elements available in food to produce energy throughout the day. If you skip a meal, your body must go that much longer without a boost of energy. It can also cause your blood sugar to plummet causing fatigue or grogginess ( Full Answer )

Are Twix candybars bad for your health?

YES! each bar has 6.9 grams of fat. When i was younger, i was under weight, so i ate like 5 snack size twix bars everyday and i gained about 8 pounds in a very short amount of time. I would say 1 package every 3 days would be ok, but not everyday unless you want to gain weight!

Is iodine bad for your health?

Iodine is necessary for the body in required amount. Large amounts of Iodine leads to Goiter.

K2 can be bad for your health?

everything is bad for your health in large amounts it is only harmful to your health when used frequently like a couple times every day currently the chemicals are unknown it is not THC and anyone that tells you it is weed doesnt know what they are talking about the actuall product of "spice" is not ( Full Answer )

Is it bad for the animals health?

I believe you question is incomplete. If you are asking "Watching tv, is it bad for the animal health?" the answer is YES. Watching tv for a long time could harm animal health. Thank You.

Is tv bad for your health?

Some people think it is. Fortunately, TV provides education and entertainment, and it's only bad if it's the ONLY part of your life.

Is tobacco bad for your health and why?

Yes, tobacco is addictive. Nicotine is a powerfully addictivesubstance & smoking is the most common cause of lung cancer. Itis also a leading cause of cancer in the mouth, throat, bladder,pancreas, & kidneys.

Are carpets really bad for your health?

Carpets can be if you are allergic to the type of material from which they are made. Carpets can also become dirty, collect germs, and collect allergens such as tobacco smoke and cat hair. Carpets can cause physical injury if you somehow slide across them. Carpets often are not allowed in the kitche ( Full Answer )

Is marijiuana bad for your health?

Many people argue that, compared to alcohol, marijuana is harmless and should be legalized. But its harmless nature has been seriously questioned recently. Chronic over-indulgence has been linked to a number of disorders and possible addiction.* *Food and Fitness Many of the studies done on ( Full Answer )

How is trans fat bad for health?

if you eat how long is it before you have an empty stomach? Trans fat is bad for your health because it undergoes a process called hydrogenation. This processing strips fat of its original nutrients. It is about as recognizable to the human body as plastic is... it creates a lot of free radicals i ( Full Answer )

Is McDonald's good or bad for your health?

well years ago people have tried the experiment. A man put down a mc donalds burger and a KFC burger. Ten years later the man checked in the room where the burgers were. The KFC one was all sloppy and the mc Donald burger was up right exept the cheese. That means that the KFC one is good and mc dona ( Full Answer )

Why marijuana is bad for your health?

Marijuana is not bad for your health because its like a medicine.What it is bad for is that it causes your brain to make dopamine and it has also been known to cause paranoia.It also takes the pain away for example a headache or stomach etc. If you do too much of it though then is it bad for your lu ( Full Answer )

Are acrylic fingernails bad for your health?

yes, acrylic nails r bad for your nail health as they scrape your original natural nails to make a rough surface on what to stick the acrylic nails. Hence your original nails r worn down to a thin surface and tend to weaken too.

Is texting bad for health?

yes. it causes carpal tunnel which becomes a very painful ailment. over time, the condition will greatly worsen, leaving you with little movement of your thumbs. Also, the inactivity of the body due to spending all your time texting will lead to arteroscolerosis which can be deadly. if you are unawa ( Full Answer )

Is TV bad for health?

yes TV is bad for your health because you may gain weight if you watch too much and that can lead to later medical problems.

Is eating your boogers bad for your health?

Doubt its bad for your health, but sure is disgusting. . It may be gross, but it seriously is okay for you. Your nose entraps bacteria and things of that ilk and when you eat your boogers it boosts your immune system, which could be result in rarely getting colds. Your boogers basically act as a m ( Full Answer )

What are the problems caused by bad health?

Bad Breath is caused by bacteria building up in the mouth. Commonly caused by a lack of oral hygiene. These bacteria can cause tooth and gum disease if left untreated. There is also evidence that shows that tooth and gum disease can lead to heart valve disease as the bacteria can move from the mouth ( Full Answer )

How bad is brown sugar for your health?

Brown sugar is good for you not white sugar! Brown sugar is raw and it has molasses. There is one type of molasses that is called Blackstrap Molasses. This type of molasses is good for your health. Because of its reputation for being used to prepare livestock feed and \nother commercial u ( Full Answer )

Why is drug abuse bad for your health?

Drug abuse will affect people's physical and mental health. According to, drug abuse causes changes to the body and brain that are harmful. The health problems that result from drug abuse will depend on the specific drug being abused. General health effects of drug abuse include resp ( Full Answer )

Are questions bad for your health?

There are questions and there are questions. If the authorities (or your spouse) are questioning you when you have something to hide, then it may be bad for your health. But if you mean everyday questions from everyday people in everyday situations, then questions can be good for your health; at lea ( Full Answer )

Is a Nintendo 3ds bad for your health?

Hello, Nintendo 3ds are not bad for your health as long as you take a break every 15 mins but if you follow the instructions you will be fine. Hope this helps :-) P.s I have a 3ds it is so cool

Are 3D TVs bad for health?

There is no evidence that suggests 3D televisions are bad for health. However, there is advice that young children shouldn't watch. Some viewers have found that watching 3D can be uncomfortable or cause headaches. Headaches and discomfort can be experienced using both passive and active glasses (t ( Full Answer )

Is master batting bad for your health?

Depends on your batting average. if your batting below a .250 your not doing anything for your game. To be a master batter you must be batting at or above a .500 average. I'll tell you what is really bad for your health though; whacking off.

Is acetic acid bad for health?

Let us hope not as acetic acid is the main component of vinegar and vinegar is recommended as a good dressing ( aside from other dressings ) for salad. Still, even though acetic acid is a weak acid, concentrated acetic acid can be corrosive to skin.

Are mms bad for your health?

Yes. Eating a lot of MMs can ruin your digestive system due to the food coloring and sugar.

How can you do safely musterbution?

Masturbation. Male, you have to work at doing it wrong. A friction burn is about the only thing that can happen from doing it dry for too long with too much pressure. Female, using something with sharp or rough edges, going too deep or too big. Also doing it too long and causing abrasions. In eithe ( Full Answer )

Are infrared rays bad for your health?

No, they are not bad at all. Infrared rays are long wavelengthsthat supply heat and are often used therapeutically to warm tissuesbefore and during thermotherapy.

Are eggs good or bad for your health?

Nothing is really good or bad, per se. All natural foods arehealthy in moderation, so they are good. And they are unhealthy ifover-consumed.

What is there in smoking that is bad to the health?

Well, there is the factor of nicotine (which in most cases is harmful and addictive), Inhaling tobacco, the second to main cancer giver, and also continually inhaling second hand smoke. It's like breathing normally in a smoke filled, burning building.