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it may just need to be adjusted OR When mine did this it was my throw out bearing that needed to be replaced which meant a new clutch. Don't let it go too long though. I did and it actually scored my transmission it got so bad.

2008-07-30 04:04:16
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Do garter snakes have rattles?

no they do not have rattles

Do pythons have rattles?

No, python do not have rattles.

Do copperhead snakes have rattles?

No. Copperheads are related to rattlesnakes but do not have rattles.

Does male and female rattlesnakes have rattles?

yes they both have rattles

What is the sentence for the word rattles?

The car rattles when I go fast in it.

What cause a 1999 vw passat to start shaking lot when driving?

heat shield might have came lose if it rattles alot

What other snake has rattles?

There is no snake, except the rattlesnake, that has rattles.

Car rattles when driving at high speed?

It is comin in forrin cars when they get old and if your car is doing that it means that you should probaly take it to be looked at!

If a PCV valve rattles is it bad?

If it rattles , then it means it's not stuck and is good!!!

What is the difference between male and female rattlesnake?

I was told that the male rattlesnake's rattles get smaller from the body of the snake to the tip of the rattles Making a set of rattles in the shape of a Christmas tree and the female rattlesnake's rattles are the same width from the body of the snake until the tip of the rattles. I was told the by a taxidermist. The rattles of a male rattelsnake lay vertical and the female lay horizontal (flat)

Do rattlesnake shed skin over the rattles?

No, the rattles are actually keratin - skin. The rattlesnake grows a new segment each time it sheds but does not shed the rattles.

What do ojibwe people use rattles for?

i think ojibwe people use rattles for culture ocations

Why do rattlesnakes have rattles?

Rattlesnakes have rattles to warn predators to stay away from them or they will bite. Good question!

Do milk snakes have rattles?


What rhymes with rattles?


Who rattles their bones?


What is the preposition in the following sentence The sound of its rattles frightens animals away?

The preposition is "of." It connects the object (rattles) with the noun sound.

How did the rattlesnake get its name?

the rattles in its tail. :)

How Egyptians worship Isis?

With rattles

How were the first rattles made?


Why does your front end rattle when you hit bumps?

I don't know why your front end rattles, only my back end rattles. XD

Does the male rattlesnake have the rattle?

If its tail rattles than yes If it doesn't rattle than no

How often do rattlesnakes get new rattles?

They normally drop their rattles when they get about ten segments long. Then they regrow the rattle.

How and why do rattlesnakes use their rattles?

They use there rattles by simply moving the muscle in there tail. They use it to scare away predators.

What is in a rattlesnakes rattle?

The rattle is made up of specially formed scales, which fit into each other, and make a buzzing sound when the snake vibrates the tail..All pit vipers vibrate the tail, like copperheads and cottonmouths, but only rattlers make a distinctive sound because of the rattles.