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My 1991 cutlass ciera does not want to start coughs and sputters and will finally start and run great but then when car is turned off will not want to start again?


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Replace your fuel filter; if it still happens I suspect your fuel pump is getting weak and should be checked for pressure output. Has your battery been replaced lately? The reason I am asking is that when you put in a new battery, or you're old battery needs charged, when you first start it, it has to run for 15-30 min so the computer can relearn itself. I kept starting and because it stalled after I put in drive it would stall, you need to wait for the computer to relearn the vehicle. I'd replace air filter also, check see how dirty it is. also put the dry gas in the gas tank during winter months, You could try also Chevrons/Techron you buy it in a bottle at Chevron and add to the gas tank, but it is also in their premium gas, so fill it with the gas every 3 mo. Or add a bottle of it every 3 mo. or so. I am not lucky anymore to have Chevron station here, but I am sure Walmart has equivilent for Techron, maybe someone else can help with this Chevron/Techron addition to gas tank. Even an oil change may help.