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You need to have the cv joints looked at. That's happened in my dad's car before and he had to replace the cv joints.


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Use your eyes to see if it is bent or visually damaged, Or else go get it balanced again, and if it wobbles it is messed up.

Have a wheel alignment done. They will check the front end at the same time. Also are your tires properly balanced and round?

Wheels need balancing, alignment could be off, wheel bearings, bent rim. Probably just needs wheels balanced.

Have your tires balanced first then if no better have a front end alignment performed.

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you need an alignment, badly....or your bearing snapped. call a mechanic, and tell them your vehicles' symptoms. they'll tell ya the same thing i just did

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your bearings maybe gone.

The most likely reason is an unbalanced wheel on the front. There can be other causes such as worn ball joints or tie rod ends. I would recommend first having your front wheels balanced to see if that cures the problem, it's cheap to do.

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