Mitsubishi 3000 GT

My 3000GT stopped running it was doing fine but just died going down the road The engine isn't firing or the fuel is pumping I have replaced the ECM and coil Any thoughts?


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If the diagnsotics said that the ECM and coil were both faulty I suggest that there has been some kind of serious surge through the system and probably every electronic component is fried. If, however, you have just been replacing random parts in the hopes of finding out what's wrong, I suggest that you have been wasting a lot of time and money. Next time, use the car's computer to figure out why you don't have a spark. Most electronic issues can be discovered if you'll use a code scanner to discover what the computer has detected. The codes are often cryptic but at least you won't be replacing the coil when you might just have a disconnected wire. Diagnostic code scanners are available at most auto parts retailers. Many will let you borrow or rent the code scanners but it's not a bad idea to buy your own. A good one can be a little pricy, but after what you've spent on your car, a good code scanner would actually have been a bargain. My advice, don't just throw parts at a problem. Use the computer AND your brain to figure out what's wrong before wasting your money.