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If 4th is over drive it could be a simple as the switch that take you in/out of overdrive. Check that circuit first.

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What are two clues that a chemical change has happened to the statue of liberty?

The color changed; a copper carbonate hydrate is formed.

How did each heir change in the westing game?

I don't know I'm trying to find out myself. Does anybody know clues to the problem in the westing game?

What 5 clues when considering a physical change?

5 clues of a chemical change

Why do they look for clues in the 39 clues series?

The reason that people are looking for clues is so that when anybody finds the last clue or the thirty ninth clue they get to control the wotld. like world domination

Does anybody hhave any un used 39 clues codes?

Yes P2229T34XP

Four clues to a chemical reaction?

list four possible clues to a chemical change

What are 3 clues that a chemical change has occurred?

FOUR clues that a chemical change has occurred are a temperature change, formation of gas (usually CO2), formation of precipitate (solid), and a color change.

What are three clues that a chemical change has occured?

Three clues that a chemical change has occurred:Color changesa precipitate formsa gas forms

Can you change branches for the 39 clues?


4 common clues that a chemical change has taken place?

The 4 clues are.........1 . Bubbling2 . Colour Change3 . Gas4 . Evaporation

3 clues that indicate chemical change?

change in temperature, change in color, formation of a gas

What are the clues for 39clues?

You can't enter them manually. But, check out ~James the Janus Check out this reusable card code! P3GJW7JEXP

What clues might tell you a chemical reaction is going on?

Chemical reactions display the following clues :The change is not reversiblePhase changes : gas released, or liquids and solids formedColor or other change in appearanceHeat or light produced, or heat absorbedTHESE CLUES MAKES SENSE!!! from my sir...(QUICK ANSWER)TEMPERATURE CHANGECOLOR CHANGEPROPERTY CHANGEPHASE CHANGE

What are five clues of a chemical change?

Change in color, Change in odor, gas production, temperature change, precipitation.

What are clues that puberty will come to you?

Have bumps,voice change.

How do you change your Branch in 39 clues?

u cant

What is four possible clues to chemical change?

Change in Color light gas and rust.

What are some clues that an object has undergone a chemical change?

Color change, precipitate formation, gas formation, temperature change

Name 3 clues that tell you a chemical change has occured?

Some clues to tell if the change is chemical:the object would change color,the new substance isn't reversible (it doesnt turn back to what it was before),there's gas formation

What are the four clues of physical change?

odor colour new state

Describe four clues that signal that a chemical reaction is taking place?

Color change Temp change

Why did you call it The 39 Clues?

The 39 clues is a hunt for 39 clues. It is about Amy and Dan, two orphans, who choose to take part in the 39 clues that can change their life and even make them the most powerful people in the world. My agent card code P2FHHNDHXP

How do you leave clues to a guy to tell him you like him but not acually telling that you do?

By telling him do you like anybody other than you , and if he says no and ask why did you ask him that say no reason.

What are five clues you would consider before deciding whether a change that you observe is a physical change or a chemical change?

There are multiple clues that you can use before deciding whether a change that you observe is a physical change or a chemical change. Five of these are bubble formation, color changing, not being able to reverse the change, the formation of a precipitate, and light or heat emission.

What are some clues of a physical change?

Odor, precipitate forms, color change. these are not physical changes these are chemical changes