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My Nissan 240SX 1990 model is ticking what could be the problem?


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2007-09-06 20:08:53
2007-09-06 20:08:53

Valve lifter could be sticking. Take the valve cover off and start the engine. You can narrow down which one it is. Might Not be sticking and just need adjusting.

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what makes a 1991 Nissan 240sx stop while you drive. and it is not out of gas or oil. Could it be the ignition module

Could be timing belt tensioner.

it could be your timing is off

yes it will and its about the best thing you could do to a 240Sx.

The problem with the Nissan Elgrand if it does not start when the switch is on could be a mechanical problem.

Proffesionals use a special type of suction cups, but a hammer works too.

depending on year. it could be a number of things. check relays, fuses and motor.

try the starter this happened to me once it didnt do anything when i turned on the ignititon but i could push start it

Electrical - check voltage to "reverse" selonid. With my knowledge on Nissans, it could also be a transmission problem. If it is a 5-speed, it is more than likely the tranny. Reverse is the gear that goes out first most of the time

this could be a blown fuse, defective flasher, loose connection, or burned out bulb tk

It depends on the type of clutch linkage. If it's mechanical linkage the clutch could be worn and the rod dropped out. If it's a hydraulic clutch, the clutch master or slave cylinder could be worn out.

The ticking noise could be worn out rocker arms under valve covers. Switch to heavier weight oil if ticking noise subsides that could be your problem. This is usually a sign of a high mileage engine. Worst case scenario would be weak oil pump not getting oil to top of heads.

Yes, with money everything is possible. The VG30DETT (top of the line engine in 300zx) has been put in several different Nissan car; and could be done in others.Easy ones: S13 (89-94 240sx), S14 (95-98 240sx), R32-34 (skyline gtst, gtr)Medium: Z33 (350z, G35)Hard: Nissan Micra, Pulsar, SentraAnything originally RWD will be easy, FWD HARD

The cat convertors get quite hot. You might try installing another heat shield above it.

Depends on what you did before the car stopped working. Could be a bad ecu could be the optical encoder in the distributor maybe a bad fuse. Make sure all engine harnesses are plugged in, make sure you see the check engine light when you turn the key to ON and check the inside of the distributor for cleanliness.

this could indicate any one of numerous different problems...depending on the type of if it happens when the engine is at idle then the Ticking could be a valve tapping,and the smell could be burning oil from a leaking valve cover...or the ticking could be from a water pump or powersteering pump with bad bearings and the smell could be anti-freeze leaking past the the seals of the water pump or past the seals of the powersteering pump and burning on the hot engine. if it only happens when you have the AC on then the Ticking could be from a worn AC clutch and the burning smell could be the AC/serpentine belt... For front wheel drive: If the ticking only happens when the vehicle is in motion then one of the CV joints on one of the drive shafts maybe bad and the smell could be fluid leaking from around the drive seal of the shaft.. If the ticking only happens when the wheels are in motion then it could also be a damaged break pad and the smell could be the break pad burning... the ticking could also becoming from the automatic transmission and the smell from leaking fluid.. depending on where the sound is located front or back? in the rear wheel drive vehicles the ticking could be coming from the rear gears in the pumkin and the smell from leaking axle seals/covers.. you should take the vehicle to a mechanic who can use his own ears and nose to track the problem down...other than that its just a shot in the dark on what the problem really is...

Try to locate the ticking noise. Is it the engine? Is it ticking when you are driving? When you are sitting still? It could be as simple as a stone stuck in yoru tire, everytime it hits the road it ticks. it could be a lifter in the engine. Try to be more specific as to where and when the ticking happens.

how can i fix this problem, i have code 1320 in my 2000 Nissan quest,also this morning i could not start my car

The ticking could be just the pipes expanding and contracting. Or, the heating elements could have a build up that occurs over time.

could be a lifter sticking

Could be turn signal flasher Could be problem with switch in steering column Could be turn signal flasher Could be problem with switch in steering column

Usually after brakes are changed, it takes time for it to break in. So the brakes wont be as "grippy" as before. If that does not solve your problem, then it might be because of air bubbles in the brake lines. Try bleeding the system. If that doesn't solve your problem, then it could be a problem with your calipers. You can fix it, but most people just get another one from the junk yard. Takes less time and it's cheap too. I was going to say it could be the master cylinder, but it wouldn't be. Because 240sx has a diagonal braking system. Which means if one cylinder fails then you would still have brakes in front right and rear left OR vice versa.

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