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if my bf was cheating i would dump his sorry butt. if hes 2 stupid 2 know that ur the best its his lost.

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How do you know if your boy friend is cheating?

If you think he's cheating and he has no time for you and he is always busy yup he is cheatin.

What do you do if your friend tells you your boy friend is cheating?

first , i must conform if he is cheating or no , if i conform he is really cheating i will forget him .

How do you let go quickly?

you can let go of relationship if that boy or girl is cheating. but it always ends up that the boy is cheating

Is Ariana Grande a cheating?

No, she doesn't have a Boy friend now anyway

How can you catch your boy friend cheating?

flloow him wher he goes chanes are he will be cheating if does not know you are there

Is Chloes boyfriend cheating?

Chloe doesn't have a boy friend are you a boy or a girl if you want to answer my caution go to by profile

How do you get a boy from his girlfriend?

write a note to that persons girl friend then you take their boy friend to a romantic place and kiss him then you see that persons girl friend crying and saying hes cheating on me

How do you get a boy friend fast?

Just asking a guy usually works

Should a boy in 6th grade go out with a girl in 6th grade and the are friend but he doesn't know if she has a boy friend what does he do?

the way you worded your question makes absolutely no sense. but if you're asking what i think you're asking, then the boy should ask if the girl has a boyfriend

What does asking a girl mean?

That you want to be more than friends with them, that you want to be boy friend/ girl friend with them:Sx

How do you stop my boy friend cheating on me?

well if you wont to stop him you have too get another guy and when he comes by u hug your fake boy friend and then see if it works. I hope it dose good luck =) ; )

How do you know a boy is cheating on you?

ANSWER: When you say a boy, can you tell me how old this boy it? Maybe from there, we can figure out why he might be cheating..

Is shaqueeta cheating on her boy friend?

Yes, Yes, Yes! She should not cheat on her boyfriend! He should go gay!!!!!!!!!!

What happens if a boy you are going out with is cheating on you?

If you know for sure and have proof he is cheating on you then you need to move on and dump him. Find somebody that cares for you as much as you do for them and cheating should not happen again. Don't rely on a friend telling you he is cheating, you need to see it for yourself to be certain.

Should you be mad at a friend if she always ditches you for her boy friend?

Yes you should cause it not fair if you have made plans with best friend and she blows you of for her boy friend seriously go by the girl code^^_

How can you tell your boyfriend you are cheating on him?

The best way to break it to your boy friend you are cheating on him is to not tell him. Break up with him then wait a week until you tell any one you have another boyfriend.

How can you get a boy to choose you over your best friend?

Seriously forget about the boy. Always always choose your friends over boys no matter how cute they are

What part of speech is cheating?

verb: He was cheating adjective: He was a cheating student.

Why when I like a boy my friend always gets him he likes me but my friend always finds her way WHY?

Maybe your friend isn't a friend. She could be just jealous of you, so she takes what you can't have. Yes I Agree :|

Dose Debby Ryan have a boy friend?

She always said that she is single.

Can you be his friend?

if you are asking if a girl can be friends with a boy, sure! i have had many guy friends and they weren't boyfriends!

Some friends are telling you your boy friend is cheating you dont really trust that friend what should you do?

Its up to you. If you think that friend is very unreliable and has made up things about other people in the past then don't say anything at all. If you do decide to confront your boyfriend you should bear in mind that 1. he may not admit to cheating and 2. that if he isn't cheating, you may have ruined your relationship.

What is the point in the days of the week?

It is believed that afro deva came up with it as a way to tell how long her boy friend had been cheating on her.

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