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My car key won't turn in the ignition?


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Perhaps you have the wrong key

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Its a 94 Probe and my son stuck the key in tonight and the car wont turn on

its either the starter or your ignition

You could try turning your steering wheel both directions to release pressure then turn.

I 've noticed that sometimes my key for my car does the same thing, I usually turn the steering wheel left to right and so on til my key turns:)

If the key will not turn the ignition on a Lincoln Town car, the key may have been damaged and might need to be re-coded. The ignition could also be damaged or locked because of an incorrect key.

Your key could be worn. Try moving your steering wheel while turning the ignition. If the locked steering is in a bind the key will not turn over.

The ignition cylinder is the part you turn your key in to start the car, this is in its housing.

If the ignition is locked and the 1996 Ford Ranger key will not turn, there could be a problem with the transmission sensor that lets the ignition sensor know that the car is in Park. Try shifting into neutral with the foot on the brake, then turn the key. If the key turns, the sensors are bad. If the key does not turn, try wiggling the steering wheel while turning the key.

Step on brake first. Turn steering wheel slightly to remove tension on key.

Well you put the key in the ignition and you turn it.

i have a Oldsmobile LS 88 1996 and my car will not start unless i put a lot of pressure to the ignition with the key in it. Then it will turn on... how do i fix this problem?

Disconnect one cable of your battery and turn the car key to ignition position two times, connects your battery and turn the car key to ignition.

Once you get the key with the correct chip in it for your car, just turn the ignition on and leave it on until the security light quits flashing, it will take several minutes, then turn the key off and start car

Can you please provide more information ? such as: any noise when you turn the key? does it try to start but just wont turn over? what kind of a vehicle?

Get in car. Put key in ignition switch. Turn key.

If the Car didn't start with the key turning the ignition then the car was "hotwired" to turn the Car on.If the key did not start the car, how was it started.

You either need to turn the steering wheel before turning the key or the ignition cylinder is bad and you need a new one. EDIT: When you pull out the key to a del sol you can continue to turn the wheel which will lock the steering wheel and the ignition , if you get into the car and can't turn the key , (iN YOUR CASE) try turning the steering wheel and the key at the same time , this will unlock the wheel and the ignition.

Older Chevy's have a steering lock when the key isn't in the ignition.

The key to my ignition broke off in the ignition. Luckily, I was able to insert the remainder of the key in the ignition and turn on my car. In order to fix the problem, I had to take my car to the dealer and I am pretty sure they removed it and installed a new ignition "key hole" keyed to my car. It is a 1990, and I believe the problem happened approx 1993?

You still need a key to enter a smart or hybrid car. What you do not need to start the engine in the same way as for a petrol or diesel engine. What you will need to do is enable the power on button in a smart car with the key to start the electric motor in the smart car.

Is the steering lock on? Jiggle the wheel when you turn the key.

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