My car lot has been looking for a replacement harness for 5 months and I need lights now. Where can I print a free headlight wiring diagram for 2003 Sunfire?

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Have a look here:

I'm not sure exactly what model year this is for, but it should be representative.
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How do you disconnect the wiring harness on a 98 Pontiac Sunfire?

You seriously do not want to start doing that unless you can follow the wiring diagrams in the back of your Haynes manual. Even then, it's a tough job, because even if you are successful you are going to end up with miles of greasy, filthy cables, the color of some you can only guess at, some of whi ( Full Answer )

I need the diagram for wiring the fuell pump harness for a Nissan maxima 1987?

If you are going up a hill and you hear your car start to sputter or stall out. If it is an electric fuel pump, turn on the key and listen in the gas fill, u can here it running for a brief time after the key is turned on. first, i need to know if it is electrical or mechanical? if electrical,& i ( Full Answer )

If a headlight light went out on a Pontiac Sunfire but the bulb is OK which wire or fuse do you check?

ill narrow it down unless its a newer car and i mean like 98 up there is only 1 fuse for the headlight so it will not be a fuse .some cars have a ground wire that goes from the negative batt cable to the car body if this wire is broken that could happen .on the newer cars i have heard they are switc ( Full Answer )

Where can you get a wiring diagram for a 1999 Pontiac Sunfire?

Answer . \nYou can go and be very nice to one of the mechanics at the dealerships. I have had great luck with this before. They might be able to help you out as long as you don't ask to have the whole book printed out. If that fails you can try to find an aftermarket manual, they are not that b ( Full Answer )

You have just replaced your alternator and battery Now all of your warning lights on your instrument panel will not turn off your car is a 1997 Sunfire How do these lights go off while driving?

Why are all Warning Lights Coming On? . Your question said all of your warning lights were coming on, and that you had just replaced the battery and alternator.\n. \nInstrument panel lights come on when the car's system voltage is very low (around 10 volts or less). Since you have just replaced ( Full Answer )

Headlight wiring diagram 1 light not lighting up all the way?

Ok.By headlights I figure the question to be in reference to the illumination found on the front of most night-drivable(or day) automobiles/vehicles. Asking the question as un-specific as this one makes for some serious detail and explaining,as one can take the matter to very small detail.. Not kn ( Full Answer )

How do you find a 2003 dodge ram 7 prong wiring harness diagram?

if you have a plug on the back of your truck then there is a blue plug over top of the emergency brake pedel on top of the 50 way wire harness and your truck should have came with the plug for the electric brakes in the glove box and the wires are marked as to where they go where you hook them to yo ( Full Answer )

Where is the wiring harness located on a 2003 Liberty Renegade for trailer lights?

Jeep Liberty Trailer Harness . Your best bet is to purchase an original harness from a Jeep Dealership. The cost is $91.00 and a step by step booklet with all the components including special wire ties are included. I didn't listen when I was told to purchase an original and purchased an aftermar ( Full Answer )

How do you replace a headlight bulb on a 2003 Saab 9-5?

The answer from GKK below was very helpful. There is one small difference between his 2003 Saab 9-3 and my 2001 Saab 9-5 Aero. There is a metal clip holding the bulb socket in place. I took the clip off from the top and then unplugged the old low beam headlight bulb. I used some dielectric grease (a ( Full Answer )

Need diagram of engine wiring harness for a 1993 Dodge Caravan 3.3?

This is not really an answer,but I have a problem with a wiring harness on my 93 caravan also. I have not gotten to the point of solving the problem, but was wondering if you got your problem solved and if you found a diagram and where did you get your wiring harness? Another searcher!!!!

Why 2003 Sunfire headlight dim?

The headlight of yourÊ2003 Sunfire is probably dimming because thebulb is dying. ÊYou will need to have this bulb replaced.

Wiring diagram 96 Sunfire starter?

Haynes publishes a book with a wiring diagram for a 96 Sunfirestarter. Books are available at the book store and at your locallibrary.

When you look at diagrams for wiring fluorescent lights you do not see clearly a neutral wire All electrical components need it Where is it in fluorescent lights?

Actually, many components do not have or need a neutral. 3-phase equipment such as motors, heaters and the like do not use a neutral. Some older 240V electric clothes dryers (in the US) did not have a neutral. The 2.5 ton, 240V airconditioner on my roof doesn't use a neutral either.. Fluorescent fi ( Full Answer )

5 way intermediate lighting wiring diagram?

hi,. very good question got same problem but have now figured that one out simply by 1 2way sw then 3 intermediates then end with 1 2way.. bright sparks.

Need free diagram Yamaha 2000 grizzly 600 wiring harness?

On a grizzly 600 year 2000, When the oil get hot the oil light comes on, the fan don't work and when i put it in neural it starts the starter. It's a automatic, when you turn it off with the key you have to put it in neural, you turn it on the green light comes on it is in neural, It shouldn't start ( Full Answer )

Where can you find free car stereo wiring diagram?

http:/ all you have to do is request it and you get it sent in an email. If you donate an buck or two it moves you to the top of the list and is much faster. Once you get the wiring diagram you are able to print it also. has most makes and ( Full Answer )

I just replaced my tail light harnesses in my 1999 Pontiac grand am se and now when you turn on my headlights it blows out the 15 amp fuse. i know its a grounding prob but any ideas where?

Troubleshooting Circuits . You don't say what circuit the "15 Amp fuse" serves, but that is where the short circuit condition is located. If that is the circuit for the harness(s) you replaced, the that is where to look. IF the fuse serves another circuit not the one in which the harness was replac ( Full Answer )

Replace the wiring harness for headlight bulb on Pontiac g6?

I had an issue w/ mine discovered when a headlight went out. Replaced the bulb and it still didn't work. Upon further inspection, I realized that the harness had malfunctioned somehow and actually began melting the connector. You can pick up a replacement harness from your local auto parts store, ( Full Answer )

How do you replace the fan clutch wiring harness on a 2003 trailblazer?

Just did this myself on my 2002 TB. Not sure how old your question is... but for future reference (since I don't see any other related help out there for this thing, most people just change out the entire fan clutch): Step 1: Loosen the bolts that attach the Radiator Fan to the Fan Clutch. ( Full Answer )

When replacing your fixture on a yard post light that now shocks you when barefoot and the wire has been replaced to ensure no nicks what could cause this?

First of all put your shoes on. You never see electricians working in their bare feet. This bit of insulation from the soles of your shoes could save your life one day. What you are feeling is leakage current. The yard post fixture should have a ground wire attachment point where an external ground ( Full Answer )