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There is no sure way to determine what is wrong with a cat unless medical attention is sought. Symptoms such as sneezing and throwing up could be a cold or the flu. Cats can get most of the same illnesses as a human.

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Q: My cat is sneezing a lot and threw up what is it?
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What does it mean if your cat is sneezing?

it has allergies or something went up it's nose.

Why is your cat sneezing and vomiting his food?

A cat may sneeze and vomit up food is they are allergic to the food. Also, other illnesses can cause a cat to get sick when eating.

What are the signs in adult cats that get cat parvia?

sneezing, and wheezing,and scratching alot, and diarrhea and throwing up

Treating sneezing in cat with oil of oregano?

I would not treat your cat with oil of oregano unless your vet says it is ok. Call up your vet and ask. You wouldn't want to hurt your cat by using something that is bad for it.

When a cat is poisoned do they throw up after eating the poisoned food?

well when i was at my friends house her cat threw up after eating a month old dead rat.

Why does your cat bite you when you sneeze?

If you are holding the cat at the time, it may frighten her and her reaction is to protect herself. My cat used to be scared when I would sneeze, and what I did was every time I sneezed, right after I quit sneezing I would talk to her in a soft voice that she recognizes as the voice I use only with her. She has since become so used to me sneezing that now she doesn't even get up off me if she's on my lap when I sneeze.

What does it mean when your cat throws up a lot?

You need to take your cat in to be checked out by your Veterinarian.

What should you do if your cat is coughing up a lot of furballs?

Time to brush excess loose fur from your cat.

Do cat women exist?

yes when men break up with women the women gets sad and lives with a lot of cat

One of my cats was at the vet hospital for a few days and came home sneezing and now all my other cats have started sneezing did my cat catch something at the vet's?

If your cats start sneezing, they probably have a cold. Yes, the other cats can get it as well. If you go to the vet, they can give you something to help your cats. If they start to wheeze, place them in a bathroom. Turn your shower on very hot so the room starts to steam up. Keep the cats inside for about 12 minutes so their lungs clear up.

Do cats eat the entire rat?

I'm sure they do. My cat ate an entire rat. She did eat a chipmunk and threw up the brains.

Can cats eat cooked shrimp?

NO, i gave my cat some once, literlity he threw it up 30 secs. later -what a waste of good shrimp...

Why is my cat Sneezing and has alump on his head?

It sounds like your cat has an upper respiratory infection along with a possible abscess on his or her head. An abscess is caused by cat bites or cat claws and the infection closes over and infection/puss builds up inside. It would need to be drained and cleaned out. Also antibiotics would be needed too. But first of all you need to take your cat into your Veterinarian to have him or her checked out and diagnosed correctly.

What is wrong id my cat Reptar has been throwing up a lot lately like within the past two weeks?

My cat used to throw up a lot as well. He has a kidney problem and the toxicity in his system was causing him to throw up. If your cat is younger than this is not likely the case but if he is an older cat it is possible he might have kidney problems. It is very common in older cats. Cats live in a dehydrated state most of their lives and it is only when they are older that it catches up with them.

Where do you put your hamster cage were the cat can't get it?

up on a big flat spot and have small holes that the cats claws cant fit threw

Is haystak in a gang?

no but he grew up walking the streets of a lot of known gang areas and selling drugs threw out there

What does it mean when your cat pukes?

Usually just a hairball. Cats tend to get them more often if/when they shed a lot. If your cat throws up excessively (a lot), you may want to consider taking him or her to the vet to get examined.

What would cause a cat to stop grooming consistently throw up and spend a lot of time sleeping?

the cat could be getting really old and its nose would be drying this happend with my cat oreo if the cat is not old then i sugest taking the cat to the vet

Will your cats sneezing clear up on its own?

yes but not for a while

Can cats eat cinnamon?

No I don't think so. My cat ate cinnamon spread and she threw up so I would not recommend giving cinnamon to yours!

How much can you write about how a cat weighs?

You can write quite a lot about how a cat weighs. I tried, and I came up with a 27-page essay on the subject. You are welcome to try to beat my record.

What makes a cat being sick?

Your cat is sick on purpose! Cats lick themselves a lot and can get stuff in thier throat, so they eat grass so they can sick it up.

Why does your cat throw up food a lot of times after eating?

There are many reasons a cat could be throwing up after eating. One reason is it could simply be a hairball but if it is happening frequently, it could be a food allergy or a serious internal issue and the cat should see a veterinarian immediately.

Why is your cat who generally eats a lot barely eating and throwing up often?

It is probably sick;take it to a vet.

What do you do if your hamster throws up a lot of food?

my hanpster threw up tons of food sooo i think u can not scare them because when u scare them they spit up food stored in their cheeks