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you need a front end alignment

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Q: My dodge neon shakes when i get to 45mph but when i get off gas it stop shaking?
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Why Neon shakes during acceleration?

A Dodge Neon may experience shaking during acceleration due to bad spark plugs, incorrect ignition timing, or a failing transmission. Shaking can also occur from worn motor or transmission mounts.

Why is my Dodge Neon shaking in the rear?

It could possibly be a strut or a strut mount failing. Try calling Dodge ( 1(800) 992 1997 ) with a request to check the recalls on your Neon.

What year of dodge neon have compatible parts with a 1999 dodge neon?

The dodge neon 1995 parts are compatible with dodge neon 1999

What is wrong with a 1997 Dodge Neon that is burning transmission fluid and when in drive will go up to 45MPH then drop to 20MPH until stopped?

Pull the line off on the modulator, If there is fluid inside replace the modulator.

Where is the distributor for a 96 dodge neon located on the car?

A Dodge Neon does not have a distributor.A Dodge Neon does not have a distributor.

Will 2001 dodge neon parts interchange with 2002 dodge neon parts?

Nearly all of the parts on a 2001 Dodge neon are interchangeable with the 2002 Dodge neon. The models are almost identical.

Where is the distributor on a 99 dodge neon?

A Dodge Neon does not have a distributor.

What is the difference between a Chrysler Plymouth Neon and a Dodge Neon?

The Chrysler/Plymouth Neon is physically the same as the Dodge Neon, since Chrysler, Plymouth, and Dodge were all the same company when the Neon was released.

Is there a carburetor filter on a 90 dodge neon?

No, because there is no such thing as a 90 Dodge Neon

Will a 2003 dodge neon transmission fit a 1995 dodge neon?


Why did your dodge neon suddenly stopped working?

because its a Dodge Neon

Where is the distributor rotor on a 1999 dodge neon?

A Dodge Neon does not have a distributor.

Will a 1994 dodge neon motor go in a 1999 dodge neon?

There was no 1994 Neon.There was no 1994 Neon.

Why did Dodge stop making the Neon srt4?

Dodge discontinued the Neon, along with the Neon srt4, for the Caliber in 2006.

How Adjust clutch pedal 1995 neon?

how to adjust a 95 dodge neon clutch? how to adjust a 95 dodge neon clutch?

How do you adjust valves dodge 2001 neon?

valves are not adjustable on a dodge neon.

How do you tighten the lifters in a 1998 dodge neon?

The lifters in a Dodge Neon are not adjustable.

Does a 95 dodge neon fuel pump fit a 2005 dodge neon?


When your Dodge Neon decelerates the engine shakes as if it were about to die but when you step on the brakes it recovers Hasn't died on you yet but there's always a feeling that someday it will?

I would check for a vacuum leak in your brake booster.

Will a 2001 dodge neon motor work in a 2000 neon?

no a 2001 dodge neon motor will not work in a 2000 neon

Is the Plymouth Neon the same vehicle as a Dodge Neon?

Yes! The Neon is actually manufactured by Chrysler and is known in most countries as the Chrysler Neon. Chrysler owns both Dodge and Plymouth as well and so the car is often called the Dodge Neon or Plymouth Neon in North America.

Does the 05 dodge neon have an interference engine?

Yes. The Dodge Neon has an interference engine.

Where is the starter for a 2009 Dodge neon?

There was no 2009 Dodge Neon. 2005 was the last year.

Is the 2001 dodge neon fuel port injector?

A Dodge Neon is port injected.

Are 2000 dodge neon fuel injection?

yes the dodge neon have fuel injection