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If your ex likes you so much you should ask him one last time if he likes you, and ask him which girl he might want to go out with.

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tell him, What are you doing with her! I thought you were my boyfriend!

if i where you i would tell the girl that likes that boy that he has a girlfriend.that is what i would do.

Just tell ask him if something is going on between them and see where it goes from there

She likes you and that other guy and her boyfriend but does not know who she likes best.

First, decide whether you like him more than your boyfriend. Then, find out if he likes you back. Then decide if you are going to leave your boyfriend.

If he love you,he will give you chance.You can do something to him!

everyone know he likes her, but no

He asks you because he is jealous of you and your boyfriend going on a date. Maybe he wants to ask you out.

well my boyfriend likes me hugging him under his arms and i suggest going in for a kiss

find out what she likes, then cassualy ask if she wants to jion in to an outing of(one of her interests) cross fingers that she does not bring her boyfriend, your chance for her to get to know you.

If your boyfriend really likes/loves you, but you dont like/love him back, then he's heart is going to be broken, no matter how nicely you let him go. You talk to him privately and tell him that you just dont feel so into him like you once were and that maybe its time to move on, but he's going to be crushed no matter what you say.

if he smiles every time he see her and if he is always talking about her then he got feelings for herAnswerif your boy friend is always flirt with another girl and asking you about another girlAnswerWhen he is always flirting, staring and hanging out with the girl. And when he doesnt really talk or hang out with you anymore. Then he likes another girl.. and if he does i am sorry sweety~If you're hearing rumors about how your boyfriend is dating another girl, please, always ask your boyfriend. He will have to tell you the truth, Trust is the number one thing in a relationship. And if you don't believe your boyfriend, (well, shame!), go ask other people, and if a lot, or everyone, says it's not true, well, it's not true. But if everyone, or most, says it is true, well, ask your boyfriend again and tell him what happened, and then you'll see:)

sorry your boyfriend did this to you but not everyone does and why he did i don't know maybe he likes the thrill

your boyfriend is just being completely honest with you and he obviously doesnt like you as much as this 'other' girl. i would appreciate him sharing this with me instead of cheating on me and going behind my back.

tell him to chose who he likes best or if you want a man who likes only you then say go chase after that hoe you like.

if your best friend is going out with your ex-boyfriend then thats okay for them but if your best friends boyfriend says he doesnt like you anymore then he may not because you can always tell weather someone likes you when they call you names. if your best friends boyfriend does that then he odviously likes you

You don't want to get in fight with your friend, explain to her what is going on and if she really really likes him then go tell him that she likes him and he will do the choosing. But if she just thinks he's hot then get over it your boyfriend picked you and not HER!

You can tell if a women with a another boyfriend likes you by if she talks to you a lot on the phone, Talks bad about him, Spends more Time with you more then she does her boyfriend, Sometimes They will Even Tell their boyfriend that she likes someone else and wants To see how he Reacts because She don't Like how Their relashionship might not be working out Like she seemed.

a way to know if he likes another girl is if he keeps looking at her and smiling also if he talks about her with his friends.

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